hey other driver helpers. About the I-9 form...

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  1. driverhelper

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    Did you guys have to fill out an I-9 form? If so when or where did you fill it out? I had orientation on last friday but they never told me to fill out the I9 form. Are you supposed to do it online? It is in the list of forms i need to fill out online, but I cant really fill it out because I cant really sign my signature on it.
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    They have to have two forms of ID in order to Verify you legal to work in the US you might be able fill it out online but they are going to need to see the two forms of ID in person...
  3. driverhelper

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    yeah i went to orientation and showed them the ids and she never said that I hadn't filled out section 1 of I-9 yet. I think I fill it out online, but im not sure if I did the digital signing correct. It seems I did though because there was a check on the "complete" box next to the I-9 form.
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    Stop worrying silly
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    yeah but the thing is, I never actually signed the I-9 with either ink or mouse!