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    I've been working as a drivers helper sense apx. 12/01/09 its been fun, tuff and a real learning experince. This week Tues. was by far more volumn then Mon. thought I was going to die LOL.
    My driver was very strict at 1st but we have gotten along very well once I learned the job. He even took the time to teach me the diad which I picked up as quick as I could. The snow makes it tuff at times but overall its been great.
    My question is there are some openings close by in UPSF as a part time dock worker. I'd really like to be a package car driver someday but at this point would it be wise to put in for the dock worker position or wait until they have a part time opening at my center? Thanks and Merry-Xmas to all
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    Hi gotabbrown,

    You are probably better off to hire on directly with UPS rather than UPS Freight if you are interested in a Package Car driver position. I'd ask the sup or manager of the driver and talk with someone in Human Resources.

    Welcome to the BrownCafe!!:peaceful:
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    Thanks Tonyexpress,
    I'll take your advise. 1 day left to work at this point.