Hi folks, newbie seasonal driver here

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    I've been lurking here for a few months, thanks to all who contribute. Most of my questions have already been answered through the many newbie driver questions. Little background about me, I'm from rural eastern Kansas & been here all my life. I've been an agricultural pilot (crop duster) for the last 6yrs and I love it.... but it's dangerous as hell! Our season runs march-oct so being a seasonal driver is really a nice fit! If the stars align and things happen to work out, I would definitely consider driving full time. My sup did mention some drivers nearing retirement but I'm not getting my hopes up. Really just excited to have a winter job that I enjoy.

    Intergrad was kinda strange I thought but overall a good experience. Much more memorization and way less hands on that I thought it would be. The actual driving went great and I think my rural background helped me with operating a manual trans, backing, and general smooth operation of machinery. My first day on road was last week with a sup. Only went out for a half day to one very large apt complex. I studied the DIAD V in Intergrad and then was handed a IV my first day at my hub. Took a few stops to get down the differences but seemed to be the same logic and pretty simple. My sup has been really helpful and he had a great attitude.

    Hoping to fit in with the veteran guys, work hard, keep my head down and pick up on all the little things by the time this seasonal gig is up. I feel like once I learn the basics I will be able to do a good job. I'm used to fast paced, think quick work with crop dusting and hope it translates over for me to pick up on this quickly.