HI, here is some assumptions of the new DIAD

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    I'm a student in toledo, i was doing a research about the DIAD recently, :biggrin: just want put my idea here to see what's your opinion. wish you guys have fun.
    Here is the assumption of new function of the DIAD.As the increasing demand for the logistics services, ups can launch a new DIAD designed for customer, people can get it from retail stores or online shop, through new DIAD, customers can post their reservation information on it, the staff start picking the package after receiving the reservation message, customer can check the tracking package anytime. The new DIAD can automatically generate a small group so that the sender, shipper, and the receiver can contract conveniently, enabling customers and staff generating a conveyor chain. This self-service will save a lot of costs. Logistics companies can also publish on DIAD some promotional information and online consultation to maximize customer needs and satisfaction, Making the logistics services reach a new height. Meanwhile, customer can post delivery service demand, everyone can become a shipper, people can set up a security deposit, the shipper only need to submit a security deposit to make the deal, after the package was delivered, the system will return the deposit and pay a commission, like the Uber, it is a new way of life.
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    Don't know whether you're in high school or college, but you should seriously consider getting an English tutor.
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    Makes absolutely no sense what you just posted. While residential delivery are an increasing percentage of delivery. The money maker for shipping companies is business to business delivery. Your idea has no benefit for them
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    So many words........so little sense.
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    Let us know how it works out for you.
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    sorry for my language, i'm a international student. i just want to say maybe UPS can sell a kind of device which likes the DIAD, customer can post their demand and track the package on it. if there is a one ,i will buy it.
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    You are in luck. I have one left on my eBay store.

    I accept PayPal.
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    You can track your package online at anytime at www.ups.com.

    You can also schedule a delivery time with my choice.
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    Sorry Brah! I don't speak Asian!
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    In that case, please accept my apologies. What country are you here from?
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    He'll be hired by ups. Isn't this how all decisions are made? By someone who has never done the job and has no idea how to do it, they come up with some brilliant idea and boom.
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