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    Hello, Browns. I've been lurking these boards for about a year but I decided to make an account and start posting now that I've been hired and stuck on Preload.

    My first experience working for UPS was last Christmas and rather than be scared away it motivated me to spend the last 6 months trying to get permanently hired. Based on my experiences on the job(s) so far and what I've read from lurking, my current plan is to run Preload, bust my ass during peak as a Helper for extra dosh, and eventually go Cover Driver + Preload. I enjoy physical labor and have an abnormally high tolerance for mental stress so it's looking like a sweet gig for me so far.

    I'll continue frequenting the forums and will start posting a bit, but I expect I'll still spend most of my time lurking so you probably won't see me much... But I'm definitely here.