Hired as a driver helper, couldn’t work first day due to illness... am I still employed?


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Some of those can make you ill


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I am being helpful. Seriously, you got hired as a seasonal helper a job that will be done on Dec 24th, you missed the first day they called you at this point most if not all drivers already have a steady helper who shows up. You will be lucky to get called again and if you do trust me it will be hardly worth your time. Move on.

Sorry buddy but I actually did work yesterday and today and I’m employed until mid january so everything actually turned out fine :)


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I got hired as a driver helper for the xmas season and said I could start working last friday (12/14). I got a call that morning asking me to work, and I told them I can’t due to being sick, but I should be able to work on monday. It’s now monday (12/17) and I never received a call. Did they fire me or did they just not need me today? Is there somebody I should call? Thanks.
Do the driver who you were supposed to work with a favor. Stay sick for the next 2 weeks.