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  1. Scott The Jedi

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    First post here. I was hired as a loader on August 5, 2013 making 8.50/hr. I got my 90-day raise which put me at 9.50/hr, and I became a sorter which bumped me to 10.50. So 2 questions:

    1. With the new contract I go up to 11.00 for being sort certed, but do they tack on the 90-day raise to put me at 12.00?

    2. Do I get 1.50 per hour in retro pay for every hour worked in my first 90 days and 0.50 for every hour since then?
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    You don't bring over the 1$ 90 day raise. That is under the old contract and doesn't exist in the new one. You start off at 11$ because ur a sorter. You get a 70 cent raise in august at ur one year. I'm pretty sure you do get the 1.50 and .50 for the hours worked. I'm in the same position as you and I'm pretty sure we get the checks.
  3. Scott The Jedi

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    I hope so. Also, is driver helper pay the same everywhere? I was making 12.88 as driver helper. But my driver said his sup told him we should be at 15.00/hr for the new contract but he wasn't sure. If that's the case I would get a ton more back pay. Anyone know?
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    12.88 as a driver helper??? Lucky you. I was only making 9.50.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Driver helpers and other seasonal employees will not receive retro pay.