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  1. I used to work at the Honolulu ramp. When I got an interview for a material handler I was offered the job right then and there for the position after the tour. Did my drug test And passed my background. Eventually I moved back to Sacramento, California. Applied for a handler position at the station by I80 freeway. I got a phone interview and a tour about a week ago. I got my pre employment screening in the mail about two day's ago. I just l want to know how long it takes to get hired here in Sacramento because peak season is around the corner and I'm assuming they need bodies fast. If anybody who is or was a handler in Sacramento, can tell about the hiring process I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    They need bodies fast because they're losing them fast.
  3. I can see why because the workload is crazy and it's gonna be super :censored2:ed once peak starts. My thing is why is it taking so damn long.
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    When it comes to Express managers, rarely are they ever on the same page let alone in the same book. The left hand also has no clue what the right hand is doing. Couple that with Memphis which has a meltdown over some new thing every week throwing last weeks priorities right down the sewer. Perhaps that explains a few things.
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    Have you called and talked to any managers there? I bet it has something to do with the recruiter in Memphis.
  6. I spoke with two mangers one on one after the tour. They said they like me, liked that I was material handler before and I will hear from them. September 25th was the tour. I'm just so accustomed to the process being fast because I applied, next day I got the call, two days later the job was mine. Maybe It's just done differently in Sacramento.
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    Its not done differently. Call and speak to a manager today if you want the reason why, but it has to do with recruitment.
  8. I called and spoke with one of the managers who did the tour. He said no selection has been made yet and I should call back in a few days and call the recruiter.
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    I'd take this time to find a real job. How much you wanna bet after Dec. 25th, you're laid off.
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    It sounds seasonal. They won't bring anyone in for another month or so. They are building a file of potential hires for peak. You will get the call when they need to fill a position and you are chosen, or when the volume starts to rise and they need bodies.
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    Plenty of time to run then.