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    I was offered a preload supervisor position on 5/9, pending background. I know a lot of people would say "it's a dead end job". But I am still in school and feel it would be a good resume builder and solid experience. Anyway, I have yet to hear anything back from anybody since 5/9. I know my background is fine, I have to get one processed every year for college course observation reguirements. My credit is also good. I have contacted the hr person 3 times in the past 3 weeks and emailed the local hub. No response. Does anybody have corporate HR contacts or a similar experience? Thanks.
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    AND we're off....
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    Go and speak with them in person.
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    Blow up the HR phone with messages so they can see how serious you are about getting the position.
    if that doesn't yield a response...show up at the building and demand to speak to HR....lol
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    Since UPS isn't a career path and you're considering it only as resume padding, going into supervision may be a benefit in the future.
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    Don't settle for anything under 60k. After all, it is a part-time job at UPS, so that means full time hours.
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    did you get the job offer? how long did it take to get a response? I had my interview last wednesday (10 days ago) and havnt heard back yet about background check, also contacted hr