Hiring process length?

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  1. OzarkRidge

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    I was looking at the map of all of the UPS jobs posted in the US. There are a bunch
    of them that have been posted as open way back in May and June. How long after an interview for a driver position in a very rural area does it take to get hired or the
    thanks but no thanks." letter?
    My husband applied and interviewed for a package delivery driver job the middle of June.
  2. ChickenLegs

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    It's your husbands responsibility to follow up. Don't expect a letter (unless its a warning letter!:laughing:). They might call in November for seasonal work.
  3. Monkey Butt

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    UPS never tells you "Your not going to be hired".
    I suggest assume your husband's not going to be hired and if he is at some point in the future, he has to make a decision at that time.
  4. browntroll

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    assume he might not get hired. from the years i have been working at ups i could never understand the hiring process.
    i had one guy tell me he was a driver helper they brought into the hub and he was "full time" not sure if management told him
    this or he just assumed but never saw him past the new year. another guy told me he was seasonal helper for 3 years before
    ups finally hired him as a pter and he thinks its cause his uncles reference(12yr veteran) he got hired.
  5. OzarkRidge

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    Thanks for the info!
  6. Indecisi0n

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    Ill give you my length if you give me yours.