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  1. Pyro1048

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    I applied about a week ago. I have not got a phone call, but I got a email saying to join us for a tour of the facility. Is this the first step of hiring process or is this just a tour?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It is both--it serves as a weeding out process for the less than motivated applicants.
  3. Yep. They're going to show you the super relaxed, organized, easy going evening sort. Than they're going to tell you about that amazing 8.50/hr and the poor hours. Half the people will go home and never come back. The rest will come back and work a crappy job for 5+ years and than given the opportunity to do an equally crappy job for ALOT more money.
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    UPS just laid off tens of thousands of seasonal workers they hired for several weeks during Christmas Peak. Even some regular workers have been laid off. Just so you know.
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    You and a lot of other people applied.
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    You'll get hired eventually if you email and call alot!! Even after the interview continue to pester HR. It's what many of the members on this forum told me to do when I applied last spring, and it worked. Warning though, it's really hard work for very low pay. Other than that it's a vacation. Good luck
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    YOU SOUND VERY BRITE NO ITS THE LAST STEP OF HIRING. if THEY DIDNT tell you to bring money for parking at the building you are going to it looks good. id bring your cell phone in with you and answer it if it rings its a trick ups dose to new people in the last step of hiring, to see if your there.