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    Over the past decade the * hub has developed a reputation for being a TDU and anti H hub. Perhaps, it is the only hub in that area that has voted against H in every election. But why?

    Well, * has always been more active than other hubs thanks to TDU. Manny S who served as * before transferring to * brought TDU to that hub.

    Tim N became his student.

    Thanks to people like Edgar E *; Jim B *; Mike D 8 and Manny S 8, Tim N * and Alber A *; the L* hub became anti H and pro TDU.

    But apparently, Tim N is now doing everything to be elected * delegate this march and wear the red vest.

    PK, be aware of this once TDU loyalist. He's a gutless traitor and a rat who use to whisper you were overpaid!

    His boy Manny S is still anti H.

    Tim N, we expect you to come out and tell your peers in * you drink kool-aid and are now a H loyalist. But you have zero testicles to do so.

    How many * Center members running on Kelly's pro H delegate slate besides TN aka *?

    N be prepared to grow thick skin because a flyer with your history of building anti H sentiment and talking major smack on your new mentor (PK) will be distributed.

    Send your greetings to the BA, aka as the "used car salesman" or better known as the punk that invites management to steward meetings. Haha!
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    I edited out the job descriptions, center locations and full names from your post. Please don't post that type of information here again.

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    Times almost here Timmy! Great-Bull-Run6.jpg
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    I have been waiting for you to exit the internet crypt and come out into the real world. I will believe it when I see it.
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    And you will do what? Will you still support the leaders of our broken local? The same leaders that are not running the local for the benefit of our members.
    The same leaders that have continuously shown signs of corruption and financial malpractices!
    You speak of the money that the local will have to spend on the upcoming elections but fail to mention the money the local is spending on part time staff, money the local was trying to weasel out of a certain IBT division but failed to do so because that certain individual isn't liked by the IBT.
    The local is now minus 3 business agents that have not been replaced and STILL is in a financial mess.
    You support that Tim??
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    Speaking of which, how do I change my username?
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    Are you sure.... you mean Hub ?

    There are only 22 actual "Hubs" in the States.

    It's probably just a building, or center.

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    Then run against them, your a big boy. Honestly I could really care less about what you do since your just a non threatening guy on the internet with an opinion. It is truly flattering that you and Evil are so infatuated with me in such a creepy way and it is comedy that I am so flippin under your guys skin that you cant stop posting. I love it! I am hoping that I force you to wear your heart on your sleeve and let an election speak for you both instead of all this nonsense you post on the internet. You know the rules to this game, Man up son and let your peers decide.
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    Dancing and hopscotching around the question is something that your a pro at. Only reason i reply to your post is because i know the truth, i know what your all about and find it very amusing that your trying to pass yourself off like your a real union man that has always been on the PK side. We both know the truth don't we?
    Are you going to support our leaders? Are you part of the PK delegate slate? MAN UP KID! Let's hear it!
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    That doesn't sound right. How are you defining a hub?
  14. BigUnionGuy

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    People use "Hub" as a generalized term.... for a UPS facility.

    Ask @Bubblehead, if there is an actual "Hub" within his Local.

    CACH.... is a "Hub".

    Can you name the other 21 ? :biggrin:

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  15. Bubblehead

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    This is where Google says UPS has hubs?


    I'm not sure what you are referencing to constitute a hub, but I have always had a" visual" of what I have always heard, the "hub and spoke system".


    But then again, I was never issued a secret decoder ring either?


    Either way, this is just a clever diversion from the original topic, but I'll play.

    So is it your contention, along the lines of the above illustration, that a hub only processes and forwards previously collected volume?

    I honestly don't know, but would like to.
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    I don't use hub as a generalized term for a UPS facility.
    Just off the top of my head there's at least 2 hubs in Va, RICVA and ROAVA, 2 in Md BURMD and BALMD, at least 4 in Pa PHLPA, HARPA, NEWPA, and WILPA. That's 8 in just 3 states that I personally know of. Unless there's a serious drop off outside of this area I'm thinking there's a lot more than 22 nationwide.
  17. BigUnionGuy

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    You are considering "destinations".... as Hubs.


    *You hit one *
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    I always thought that I was domiciled in a "hub", but I can't imagine -Bug- would ask that question if it wasn't "loaded".
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    UPS considers them hubs, I'm not sure what definition you're using but it's not the same as UPS management's.
  20. oldngray

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    If UPS calls them hubs why should you argue with them?