Hoffa Responds (in secrecy)!

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Starting wage is a waste of time.
FOLLOWING in tdu footsteps.
Wrote letter after letter only to accomplish nothing.
All political ! Next you will be begging everyone to sign worthless petitions just like the tdu. Keep writing them letters and accomplishing nothing
Be patient. I know you can’t think past today but sometimes an effect will result even if the original party chooses to do nothing. You look at these as do nothing letters. Just give it time.


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As much as it pains me, I have to agree with @623STEWARD

....that letter, while an accurate depiction of events to date, serves no purpose other than political posturing.

I don't see any way that it is a "spring board" for any meaningful future actions.

Instead of writing to Hoffa again, why not file some charges, with somebody, somewhere.

Here's an idea, get an interview on Meet The Press, Frontline, or 60 Minutes?

These letters seem a bit redundant at this point.
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