The Hoffa era is over, and the Teamsters are ready to fight


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I take a cut in pay to save their skins.
Could be part of my military background also. Mission first.
Showing up the young drivers by bailing them out of a tough spot or two.
I just happen to be the most senior with the most knowledge.
Don't have any biological off spring working at UPS but yes I consider most of the new guys "my kids".
The number of eyes that have rolled behind your back must be astronomical.


Refusing to work as directed, and\or refusing work when you are on the clock & available is a great way to get yourself in hot water, throughout the Central.
Also in the Central. 3/4ths of the times when they message asking me to run a misload, cover a pickup, take stops, etc I reply back "I decline extra work" and that's the end of it. Refusing an instruction is a different story, of course, and short of safety or ethical issues discipline will follow.

In the evening OMS personnel run the show and in my experience they never use the magic word or give anything like a clear directive. I've even played around when, on rare occasions, they badger me about it: "Well are you asking or instructing, lemme know, because if asking the answer is still no" and, in my center at least, they can't bring themselves to use the magic word.


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Actually I do, act like this.

All the time, everywhere.