"Hoffa's on the belt"

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Team Easy, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Team Easy

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    when you guys have big long heavy bags going down the belt, do you guys ever yell "HOFFA'S ON THE BELT!"?

    oh yeah, a driver told me that i should get a raise when the next "contract" goes down and he said that it's going down soon. when this happens, say i make $10/hour as a preloader and they started me at $8.50 as an unloader, how much will i be making?

    another thing, i decided to work on my vacation last week and i only got $9/hour for the pay when i make $10...actually, $10.50 now....was i suppose to get paid $10-$10.50/hour for the vacation pay?
  2. The-UK-Guy

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    your vacation check is money you earned the previus year so it is your houtly rate of last year
  3. Overpaid Union Thug

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    They aren't letting us work during our vacations this year. That goes for part-timers and full-timers. I usually work at least 2 days so I'll have still get a pay check when I come back from vacation but now they say no.
  4. jware

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    Who told you that line of crap. You get paid your hourly rate you make presently for vacation. If you make $10 an hour now, and you take vacation that you earned last year when you made $9 an hour, you still get your present pay.
  5. BCFan

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    :thumbdown Vacaction time is at your current rate not last years!!!!!:thumbup1: BC
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    ......You actually make 18/hr including benefits...You pay the Teamsters half of your total hrly cost leaving you 9/hr .........Perhaps you should talk with your steward & ba & ask why the Teamsters get 50% of part-timers pay but only 25% of the full-timers...
  7. rod

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    "Hoffas on the belt" Thats funny- I don't care who you are
  8. Fredless

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    I pay 5.00 a week for dues, a top rate driver pays 6.75 - so he still is paying more money. So...whats the issue?

    Or I can quit my part time job, which has better benefits than the full timers do and my p/t pension fund isn't bankrupt like the full timers and go to work for a regular company and pay around $50 a week for the type of benefits I am getting as a part timer.

    5 dollars a week is nothing to pay for the type of benefits we get as part timers. I will agree that we need a pay raise, but the last weeks union meeting I went to, I was the ONLY part timer from the 2-3 hubs and around 10 centers our local represents. WE ARE CUTTING OUR OWN THROAT!

    BSUUPS New Member

    here is what is happening with the dollar short vacation- you are in the payroll system as unskilled - you are coded in the daily system as skilled - if you load or sort to a 4 way split or more you should get the dollar while on vacation - so are you SKILLLED??????????? is it is...or is it aint
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    Ha! Ive heard that!
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    Damn, people, you're cracking me up tonight. The tin foil hat cat pushed it over the edge. Thanks to all!

    BS - you only get skill pay when doing skilled work so when on vacation get your regular unskilled. So....it ain't.
    I think. dw