Holiday pay?

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    Hey guys.....Let me explain my situation and hopefully someone may know the answer. I am a part time TCD and very close to full time. I was asked yesterday to be a driver helper but didn't really want to because I can't afford to be used for just a couple of hours at the "street" pay, so I said no. My supe said, "What if you are a helper for a few hours and then you can shuttle the misloads and then make the higher rate of pay" (driver's pay). I then agreed and worked around 9 hours for the day which the higher rate would have taken over for the entire day. Then another driver told me that because I drove the day before a holiday, that I would receive 8 hrs of TCD pay for Thanksgiving and the day after? Is this true? I asked a steward and he said yes but unsure and told me to mention it to a supe to make sure I didn't get screwed out of it. I do know that they will do anything to get around this. I can't find anything in the contract that shows this......Any ideas? Thanks!!!!
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    Look in your regional Supplement for Temporary Cover Driver, Holiday Pay, Driver Helper Pay, and Shuttle Pay.