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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Bubblehead, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead My Senior Picture

    Is it just my computer or has the home page layout been reversed?
    Kind of a mirror image with a few options missing.
    Like the ability to go the last post on a particular thread.
    If it's not a glitch in my computer, my two cents would be that I don't like it.:dissapointed:
  2. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS


    Neither do I.
  3. wornoutupser

    wornoutupser Well-Known Member

    Mine is backwards....................
  4. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Dark Prince of Double Standards Staff Member

    I actually like it better.
    Should be better on an i-phone or Blackberry.
  5. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead My Senior Picture

    Cant go directly to the last post on a thread from the home page is my only real objection.
  6. cheryl

    cheryl I started this. Staff Member

    Click on this button to go to the first new post that has been made since the last time you read that thread.

    per your suggestion I added the last post info to the home page feed.

    Just so you know... I'm having a hard time getting used to the new layout too. It feels backwards...
  7. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead My Senior Picture

    Always subscribed to the adage "that beggars can't be choosers".
  8. stevetheupsguy

    stevetheupsguy sʇǝʌǝʇɥǝndsƃnʎ

    Maybe you should flip your box around so's you can see us more clearly.
  9. ol'browneye

    ol'browneye Active Member

    I noticed you can't get a quick preview of the first post in the thread by moving your cursor over the thread title anymore, at least not on the homepage. It still works on the "unread posts" page. Any chance of addressing that?

    This change kind of reminds me of the new diad updates- no warning, no training, just get used to it!

    Just kidding Cheryl, keep up the good work! We will get used to it!
  10. I also miss seeing how many views & replies are in a thread from the homepage.

    Not a big deal but it helps me decipher from what threads I've read & haven't read.
  11. dragracer66

    dragracer66 Active Member

    Isn't about time for the conan clip go away? Its been taking up space for over a year now.....
  12. cheryl

    cheryl I started this. Staff Member


    The previews are back.

    The view and reply counts are back.

    Conan has been retired.

    The new layout still feels upside down to me, but I'm getting used to it.
  13. 8up

    8up Member

    i'm glad to see that Conan got retired, but i liked the former layout in it's previous format. IMHO
  14. Thanks for the adjustments, now that's what I call good management :D
  15. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    I thought it was flipped to prevent burn-in :shrug: