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    I remember a thread a while back where someone brought up the possible new rules within the new contract... I did a search for it, but did'nt turn anything up.

    From what I understood at the time that Vacation, Option, Sick and bonus time did'nt count towards your retirement. Last I had read on that thread, it was still up in the air as to what was what... I had'nt really thought about it untill this weeks check and i had a hr of bonus and a sick day but the hours work only said 36.46 (4-8hr days + 4.46 hrs of OT for the week)
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    That thread died (eventually) because the original poster was so sure of himself, despite being so very wrong. Let's not go through that nonsense again. OK?
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    If you add your total hours up for the year you will see that the sick pay hours were added to the total. They will not add up for the week but are added to the total. If that makes any sense.
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    It is my understanding that you do not get pension contributions for sick, vacation or optional days. That said, if you work one day in any week you get credit for that 40 hour week. (in fact I think if you work just 1 hour in a week you get your full week's credit) It is for that reason that I do not bid my sick days as a vacation week,because no contribution will be made for you if you do so. I don't know if all locals have the same interpretation, but I think this is the case in my local.. Hope this helps. Cheers! Stealth8