How big is your local. How much of it is ups?

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  1. Our local is around 4,000 members. Upsers are about 500 of those.

    Are members from other companies more involved than upsers? They definitely are here. If that's normal everywhere, what's could the reason be.
  2. UPS members can't even bother to vote and now you expect them to go to a union meeting
    Hell I don't want to even go to a meeting anymore
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    Even if the beer is free?
  4. They always have beer and it's not Hamm's
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    Damned shame.
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    UPS is the second biggest company in my local. Believe it or not Costco is #1 with I believe 5k members.

    Little under 11k for my whole local if I remember right.

    Usually around 70-80 members show up to the general membership meetings. UPS is usually the biggest percentage there.
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    One reason could be that most companies don't work the amount of hours we do.

    Also smaller companies are easier to talk to all the members. Makes them feel more involved and so they get involved.

    Just some thoughts. Could be wrong.
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    Ours is 99% UPS. I think we have a few guys left at coke.
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    “Over 8,500 on the website” but I think they said we’re around 10k the other month.

    Regardless, monthly meetings only have 40-50 people that show up.

    for the UPS contract updates there were only 50-60 showing yet we have hundreds that work at UPS.
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  10. So are your members informed and involved?
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    So what happened?
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    Never heard of any Local like that.
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    Ours has a few from Coke.

    About 100 members or so. I talked to a guy that works at Coke and UPS. Our insurance is better.
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    I think he's proving his point made in post 11.
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    Teamsters Local 344 represents approximately 5,000 package delivery and warehouse workers statewide across Wisconsin, airport workers, as well as sales and service workers in the Milwaukee area and surrounding counties. You will often recognize our members as delivery drivers for large companies like UPS, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Frito-Lay, bakery companies like Entenmann's, Sara Lee, and Mondelez, and even laundry companies like Aramark and Alsco.
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    So of those other companies you listed, only 50 employees are members?

    5000 x 99% = 4950. I think you exaggerated a bit.
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    Thanks to Scott Walker?
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    What day are the meetings held?
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    Every 3rd Thursday of the month. 730pm.

    We hold I believe 4 meeting a year on Sunday 10am at a different location a little further up north so that members in that area have a chance to attend a meeting without having to drive a hour.