How Do Pop-Up Ads Get on



I don't pretend to know how these ads work but after seeing where UPS is sueing some outfit over this, I always thought that pop-up ads were placed there by the website themselves for ad revenue. I was under the impression unless the webmaster or whoever placed it there, it couldn't happen. How does it work for Teamsters Gone Wild videos to be advertised on LOL!

Just curious. Thanks.

Maybe UPS should hire Cheryl to run their websites because pop-up ads don't appear here or at least I've not seen any!



Parasitical pop up ads such as those employed by Gator's management
, (could not resist) are resident on the user's own machine.

Several free programs offered on the net such as download accelerators, etc. include advertising parasitical spyware programs that you give permission to be put on your machine when you click accept in that long winded lawyerish acceptance conditions that you have to accept whenever you download a program.

The legal trojan program sits on your machine tracking your net use and when you go to a site that it has been programmed to react to . . . Shazzam! Fed Ex ads, etc pop up while surfing the UPS site.

Most people don't read the small print and don't realize they are giving their consent to these parasitical spyware companies, but the fact remains they are and have.

Another persistent and irritating pop up/under ad company is X-10 you can go to their website to stop their pop up/unders for 30 days. You cannot get them to stop permanently. They are scum.

Many pop ups are directly caused by the websites themselves either as self promotion or a networking relationship with other companies that they have given link permissions to.

You can download a free spyware free spyware detector/eliminator called Ad-Aware at

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