How do we get a union?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by unclefred, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. unclefred

    unclefred New Member

    I was never for unions but need to know who to contact to get unionized, any suggestions?
  2. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    Basically, you can't have one and if you want to know why, research the RLA or visit your local Teamsters union hall so they can explain why they are.not interested in talking to you.
  3. STFXG

    STFXG Well-Known Member

    Try Jesus.
  4. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    Jesus has forsaken FedEx.
  5. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    Call or email the Teamsters...and they won't get back to you. The IBT is our best bet, but they're not interested because Fred Smith has RLA Kryptonite that makes Mr. Hoffa paralyzed...or is it the checks he gets from Smith?
  6. hypo hanna

    hypo hanna Well-Known Member

    Still it doesn't cost you more then a stamp to send in a card and let them know you are interested. (See my signature).

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  7. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    See if your posts get any attention... unfortunately it's not anonymous... but you can always try to send a private message.
    our best bet is another union...any suggestions?
  8. Bankrupt

    Bankrupt Member

    I would bet Fred would shut the doors like Hostess if we ever unionized( we won't)
  9. Guapo

    Guapo New Member

    I tried to pasting your signature to the address bar and page is expired. Couldn't find a link on Teamsters website regarding union cards in Texas.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    And that's exactly what he wants everyone to think.
  11. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    Someone has to deliver the Twinkies. Hostess was also horrendously mismanaged, although most tried to blame the union.
  12. Guapo

    Guapo New Member

    Having been in a Union and being from Texas I was never for union representation either---This job has changed all that. Is it too late? We shall see the tide is turning
  13. hypo hanna

    hypo hanna Well-Known Member

    Ironic that it took all of FedEx shenanigans to convince us of the value of a union. All their sweet talk about how they would take care of the employees and the union would do nothing for you was nothing but LIES!
  14. Nick9075

    Nick9075 Member

    go work someplace else. too many better paid jobs with full benefits now (the economy is producing close to 200,000 jobs per month and the Unemployment rate is dropping -- and quickly).
  15. overflowed

    overflowed Well-Known Member

    I really think that the majority of couriers will not even think about this till they can no longer support their families. Looks like we're getting to that point. At that point, I fear something bad is gonna happen if it's taken there.
  16. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    Quadruple LIKE.
  17. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    Authorization Card

    I, _________(Name of Employee)______________, authorize ______
    (Name of Potential New Representative)________ to petition the NMB on
    my behalf for purposes of holding a representation election under the
    Railway Labor Act for the craft or class of_______(“Craft or class” at issue)_______
    employed by _________(Employer)__________.
    Date: ___________________ Signed: ________________________________
    (Written by Employee) (Signed by Employee)
    Employee #: _____________ Address: ________________________________

    Phone # _________________ City, ST Zip: _____________________________

    Signing This Authorization Is NOT A Vote For Or Against Any Representative or No Representation. It Simply Authorizes The NMB To Hold An Election. You Are Free To Vote, By Secret Ballot, For Whomever You Wish.
  18. Route 66

    Route 66 Bent Member


    What's truly mind-boggling is the vast number of "us" who still seem to be buying into it. "yeah, it sucks alright, but I still wouldn't want to see no union get in here"....I don't know how much longer I'll be able to restrain myself from strangling one of 'em
  19. NonyaBiznes

    NonyaBiznes Yanked Out My Purple-Blood I.V. In 2000!

    + 2 Reminds me of a parent, warning their children of the dangers ahead of them. We tried to warn others, to no avail. Tried to unionize back when Cali was at the forefront. "FedEx is the best job I ever had; we have the GFT process; this is the most money I've ever made". Those same people are crying the blues, because they can't afford their lifestyle.
  20. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    The "good old days" at FedEx weren't all that good, but much better than we have it today. OT was plentiful, so you could make-up the difference between you and the UPS guy, and there were perks like profit-sharing, jumpseat, and a decent tuition refund program. I've been on this soapbox for years (since 1996), and now, FINALLY, people are starting to "get it".