How do you Return to UPS at a higher Position?

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    Okay, this is a bit complicated. I know there will be many answers... and that is what I am hoping for. -And also many questions. I just really need to know the areas, states, cities, and maybe the exact practice in each Hub/Satellite. -And a little inside advice from any management out there.
    I left UPS for the last time as a P/T manager many years ago. I have returned once since then. I left with an excellent rating as a P/T supervisor in a Hub. I was known throughout the Region. I only left because I moved and I was in a small terminal with little movement for F/T. (5 years or more for F/T management). During my career, I was always offered any P/T position in my District. -But never out of District. (To go out of District, I would have to quit and re-apply Directly in the new District and fore-go a transfer).
    I miss UPS terribly. Depending on who you ask or where you go, people say that UPS doesn't re-hire. But I have never had a problem being re-hire material. My biggest obstacle is the HR people that I speak to, do not have PERMISSION to re-hire ME in management past what I left as. I would have to start as a P/T Supervisor, or go out and get a technical IE or computer degree, or be hired as an outsider. I am wondering if anyone knows of any area that has a list and is ready to hire off of that outside list. I was even told in my interviews that I would be put at the top of such a list.
    Can anyone tell me where they are hiring Full Time Managers off the street in a 6-1 or 5-1 ratio? I have been a Building Manager, and don't mind dropping 3 levels. But I'm not in the position to take an 80% pay cut for P/T supervisor. (I MAY be able to swing it for 6 months, based on my savings. But once my saving run out, I would no longer be able to survive).
    I've had interviews and get offered P/T Supervisor positions before I even leave the interview. (The last time, I started within 24 hours. I was bonded right after the interview. I only re-hired once. But I've had no problem getting interviews).
    I lost track of one of my Metro Region contacts in HR. He was the HR Director in Island City. I'm trying to find him. He may have the ability to bring me in on a 6-1 within a year, or pull me in as P/T and fast tack me within 6 months. (I can only survive 6 months on a P/T salary, after being a Building Manager).
    I don't know if I would trust too many other people to come in at P/T than this guy. I've seen too many people use over qualified people and retire, get promoted, transfer and leave people twisting in the wind.
    I'm not too proud to be P/T, but there are few guarantees, and I did get burned once already. I really miss the company and the people. I tried the online site, but was rejected because I was a past employee. But every time I have called a Satellite directly, I have always been referred to the District HR guy and have always been offered the position at which I left at, anywhere in their District.
    If I can find my former District HR Manager, I would be in great luck. But I can't seem to find his e-mail or where he is at. He has access to the Metro Region in New Jersey - I think. (He use to be in Island City in NY). But I will move anywhere and do almost anything. I have his name.
    I have been in the industry since January 26, 1990. I spent my first year as a package handler and have gone on to be a building manager. I'm a Black Female. (That's one of the reasons why people were almost foaming at the mouth in my interviews). I had an excellent career at UPS, I'm an excellent Manager, and I'm a Black female to boot.
    I miss UPS, and I'm dying to come back. I just want as much feed back as possible. I just want to know the areas and people who are in need of good managers and who I can call directly. I'm 39 years old and I have done 17 hour days and gone to work 6 days a week to get it done. I'd rather do those kinds of hours at UPS than anywhere else. (I've been there and seen it all, and I'd like to come home now).
    I've got options:

    1- Take an 80% pay cut and go from a Building Manager to a P/T Sup. and try to get into an area where a F/T position will open up in 6 months time, before my saving run out.

    2-Save enough money to work at UPS as a P/T Sup for 1 year and hope
    something opens up after peak.

    3-Find out a 5-1 0r 6-1 Region/District/Hub/Satellite where they are apt
    to hire me off of the street.

    4-Get an IE or computer degree and get hired off the street.

    I know that every area and even every building has its quirks. In my past UPS Hub, no one got to management without 6 months of driving under their belt. And even then, they could leave you out there for a year or more. And even sometimes, people had to drive for 2 years because their was a change in management, or they transferred someone in from across the country to fill the F/T position, and left you out driving. Then there are places that fast track you because of the temperament of the Region, Division, or Building Manager. (And everyone hops on the band wagon before that person retires, transfers or leaves the area). If anyone knows of any Regional contacts that can hire me from the outside, or fast track me.
    And now for the bad news...I was never required at other companies to get a CDL. (Fed Ex never required me to). But I have driven package cars on the road for Fed Ex Ground and driven Trailers and put them on doors in the yard. (I can only boast of 5 minute switches, but you'd probably be able to sit down and eat some popcorn if I tried to put a trailer on the door in less than 10 minutes without any brush up work). LOL I can probably get a CDL with a week-2 weeks of practice.
    I can do anything from Dock Sup, Sort Manager, Center Manager, PD Manager, Yard Manager, IE Planing, Safety, OSHA, Package Service Center, Customs, Building Manager, and I was in grooming for District Management.
    Thanks... in advance
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    Your post is like a ten page resume, no one will read it.
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    Thank you for the input. I will whittle it down to two paragraphs by tomorrow. Thank you.. very much appreciated.
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    i tried to but lost interest
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    Cliff Notes Version- I couldn't find the edit button so here's the SHORTER version.

    1- I left UPS as a P/T Sup.
    2- I came back and was promised F/T. Didn't happen, the Satellite Manager retired before I could be promoted.
    3- I have gotten many interviews since then at UPS Satellites. I have only been offered positions of P/T Supervisor. (That's an 80% salary cut for me).
    4-I can take that cut and live off of savings for only 6 months and be a P/T Sup.
    5- I've heard of some 6-1 or 5-1 hiring. I was wondering if anyone knew more about managers retuning back to UPS. I know there's a lot who are coming back from their Velocity Express fiasco.
    6- Does anyone know of any Regions/Divisions hiring managers outside?

    A- I was at UPS for 7 years. 6 as a P/T Sup
    B- My last position was that of Building Manager
    C- I've been in the business since 1990

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    I am not that familiar with your situation, but I would think that you would accept the P/T position and then find another job to supplement the pay cut until such time that a F/T position is offered to you. Good luck.
  7. I agree. We are already starting to see it in our district - all those baby boomers retiring. They aren't filling some of the vacancies, but in the next few years, you are going to see a mass exodus of people from UPS due to retirements. If you can get in as PT and get something on the side to supplement your income, it might behoove you to do so. Positions will be opening up.
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    Although UPS will now rehire ex-management people-something that they didn't used to do, EVER- they still won't rehire a management person into a union job. If they did, what is to stop the good p/t supervisors that get frustrated while waiting for f/t driving jobs, from simply quitting and getting rehired? I'm not sure if I fully understand what your jobs were, but without being a nitpicker were you a "building manager" at UPS, and that hasn't been an official job title here since the 1950's, or were you a p/t supervisor that worked somewhere else as a building manager, or perhaps you were responsible for a building as a p/t supervisor? In any event you should try to have an H.R. person allow you to speak with the workforce planning manager who could answer all of your questions about your job opportunities and what the policies are in your District. And if you can talk with him/her you won't need to mention you are a "double bagger" as a B/F since it will be obvious.
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    It made my brain hurt:greedy: I think the guy should get a job writing questions for the SAT test..

    If a preloader or driver quits and moves they must be rehired and start out at the bottom of Seniority.

    Now the pay DOES NOT have to be $8.50 - the contract only limits the MINIMUM pay. UPS can take a new hire off the street, put them on preload and start them at $25.00 if they want.

    So with that said I would go with the PT Supe position and NEGOTIATE a pay rate based on experience. If you are as good as you say and the DM wants you for a future position - You will get the job at a decent pay rate. So go talk to the DM and maybe see if he will set up a meeting with HR for you...
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    I was a P/T Supv. for UPS. I've reached the position of Building Manager at another company. I've been offered positions as a P/T manager at UPS, but I cannot afford to take an 80% pay cut for more than 6 months. (My savings would run out).
    I was wondering if anyone has heard of past people coming back as Sort Managers or Building Managers from off of the street.
    I know a lot of managers have left for Velocity Exp, I was wondering if any came back, and at what positions.
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    What, precisely, were your duties as a "Building Manager"? why would you want to take a pay cut to return to Brown?
    Your posts also strongly suggest/imply/infer that you should be given special treatment/preferance because you are a black I correct?
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    If you can't get by the HR people, you are probably not presenting yourself well. If you can't sell the HR Rep you certainly will not sell anyone else.

    You will have to prove yourself. You will need someone at a manager level to vouch for you to even be considered as a part time supervisor candidate without starting over. Sorry to disillusion you.

    I knew someone with a masters in HR and he started just like everybody else who comes in off the street.

    By the way.... I don't know of any PT Manager position in UPS. So I would be real interested in your answer to trickpony1 question.

    My guess is you were a PT supervisor in a small satellite center (8-15 drivers) and you closed out the center in the PM? Am I close???
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    In 1990, when I started at UPS, I Unloaded/Loaded trucks, P/T Supervisor. I've been out on the road delivering, etc. In case you are wondering, I have paid my dues and it has made me the person I am today. When I was at UPS, there was no Black female past F/T management in my whole REGION -not District, I am talking Region!! If you took a look at the pictures of Management diversity past the level of F/T, there were NO BLACK females for a good 4-5 years past that. No Black female sort managers, building managers. There were only a handful of Black male Sort managers -NATIONWIDE!!! 1990!!!
    I am now a Building Manager and I do miss UPS. It seems as though there is more diversity at UPS than ever. All I'm saying is that I AM a QUALIFIED Black female ...NO SPECIAL TREATMENT NEEDED!! LOL
    I'm just wondering if anyone had any information on Regions, Districts or buildings that were hiring for management openings in a 6-1. (And I would be able to do the rest).
    I can come back to UPS as an IT, IE Specialist -I would have to go back to college for 2 years- or a P/T Supv. from off of the street without a problem. I KNOW THIS ALREADY, and have been told by Disrtict HR already!!! I have been told this in interviews already!! I have been offered positions as a P/T Supv. ALREADY!! From off hte street!!
    All I need to know is if there is Center, Region, District HR person that knows of any openings and in what areas. You know and I know that tastes change from District to District. Depending on who's at the helm at the time.
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    This isn't true. One of the employees that works for me is an ex management person who quit and was rehired as a loader and plans to stay in the union until a feeder job opens up.
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    I can tell you this, if you tried the website and were rejected
    that means your last sup, left you with a negative rehire status.

    Getting around that is going to be tough without proper contacts.. or
    a new SSN#
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    I stopped reading after this comment " I miss UPS terribly"

    but i have never heard of anyone being hired back once you quit as a supervisor or management person.
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    It does happen. I have seen it many times in my career. I have seen it in all positions - PT supv, FT supv and Manager.
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    Did I ever mention that you guys are way too funny. LOL The feedback has been nice, Thanks.
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    I have heard of management being rehired but never back into full time management though I'm sure it happens somewhere in this world. Wish you luck I'll always take another dedicated partner in the business.