How does overtime work?

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    I know Pt is anything over 5 and Ft is anything over 8. Now what happens once you it 40 hours total for the week. Is the rest OT. Here's my example
    I worked preload 7 hrs Monday jumper for 3.5. Next 2 days I did preload and drove a split for just under the allowed 14 hr. So by Thursday after 2 hours would I be getting straight OT for loading and driver. I think I ended the week with just over 62 hrs since I didn't drive Monday it was not counted toward me:halfdead:
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    I don't have an answer for you, but damn, I thought my 38 and a half hours this week was something to be excited about, but 62? However that overtime works out, I think you're gonna be pretty stoked come next Friday.
  3. BUCN85

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    I may have done my math wrong. It may be closer to 58-60. I'm hoping after 40 hrs is all OT.
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    Yes, OT after 40 hours. Man, you are really putting in some hours. 14 hour days. Make sure you follow Hours Of Service rules. Sounds like you may be getting close to a violation. Your responsibility to keep track of your hours so you do not violate HOS rules. Also don't get so burned out you start not being safe.
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    No, it's calculated each day. You have straight time hours each day and overtime hours. The way this works to your advantage is that, depending on what your supplements say, your 6th day pay will be all overtime, and 7th day pay double time yet you could have only have worked 7/4 straight time hours any given day on the previous 5 days. So you could end up with a lopsided check of less than 40 straight time hours and over 20 overtime hours. Some of our Feeder drivers are masters about setting themselves up for 6th and 7th day pay.

    Another way to look at it is that say you work four 12's but then only work 2 hours on Friday. Our contract guaranteeing your OT each day gives you 16 hours of OT and 34 hours of straight time. Most non-union jobs would only start making OT on Thursday 4 hours into their day limiting their overtime to 10 hours for the week.
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    It is both. OT after 8 hours in one day and OT after 40 in a week. Yes some people well game the system. Had one car washer Sunday thru Thursday. Work a few hours on Sunday because of the football games. Then come in Fridays for OT and work 8 hours. Art 40 also muddies the waters a bit for PT. 6th day but still paid straight time unless you go over 40 that week.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I regularly have both guarantee pay and OT on the same check.
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    Yes i kept track of my hours I was under 14. So the consensus is OT after 40?! Awesome!
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    Bonus center?
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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  11. I'm pretty sure it would look something like this for you
    Mon.- (inside rate) 5 hours straight time - 2 hours OT
    (driving rate) 1 hour regular - 2.5 OT
    Tues. and Wed.- (inside) 5 straight - 2 OT
    (driving) 1 straight - 6 OT
    thursday would be the same. I'm pretty sure that OT over 40, it is OT after 40 hours of paid straight time, not after 40 hours period. you only have 15 hours of straight time
  12. ^
    *you only have 18 hours of straight time

    are you not able to edit your posts anymore?
  13. bleedinbrown58

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    You're do you guys not hit 45-50 hours preload during peak every year?
  14. jibbs

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    Well, I clock in at about 12:45, I clock out at about 8:30-9:30. I don't have to break the math down for you, do I?
  15. Bagels

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    Preload OT (after 5) and driving OT (after 8) is calculated daily & jumping weekly (after 40 hours) but cannot be pyramided.

    For example:
    Monday: 7 Preload, 3.5 Jumping = 2 hours OT Preload
    Tuesday: 7 Preload, 7 Driving = 2 hours Preload; 14 hours total - 8 = 6 hours OT driving but already credited 2 Preload = net 4
    Wednesday: 7 Preload, 7 Driving (see above)
    Thursday: 7 Preload, 7 Driving (see above)
    Friday: 7 Preload, 7 Driving (see above)

    Total hours worked:
    Preload: 35
    Driving: 28
    Jumping: 3.5
    = 66.5

    Preload OT = 10
    Driving OT = 16

    Calculation for jumping OT:
    66.5 = 40 = 26.5 hours total OT - 26 already credited = 0.5 hours OT jumping
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    how did you calculate it? total hours worked or from the time you first punch in until the time you last punch out?
  17. bleedinbrown58

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    I can multiply. I thought you said something in a different post about never working more than 25 hrs a week at ups...and I thought you meant during peak as well. I assume now you were referring to non peak weeks.
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    I have not read this thread and this may have already been stated- and may not work this way in other regions.

    Here, as in most places, you get OT after 5 hours in preload. Helper overtime starts after 8 hours total worked that day, but only the first 5 hours from preload count toward that total 8.


    Worked 5.5 hours in preload, 7 hours helping:
    5 hours @ regular rate
    0.5 hours OT @ regular rate
    3 hours @ helper rate
    4 hours OT @ helper rate

    Worked 4 hours in preload, 5 hours helping:
    4 hours @ regular rate
    4 hours @ helper rate
    1 hour OT @ helper rate
  19. BUCN85

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    Total hours I punched out and immediately punched in for driving.
  20. PT Car Washer

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    That is what I do. Go into other work and punch in. As far as lunch or break. None. Work straight thru. Unless there is an obvious break in time. Then I will drive somewhere and have lunch and punch out for lunch. I do not punch out for waiting.