How Gods Are Created

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jun 4, 2011.

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    I can't get that image of Issac Last One waiting day in and day out for the return of his father John Frum.
    The two peoples of Tanna.
    Oh, and let's not forget that bin Laden visited Isaac Last One and told him of his evil plan...
    I'm also looking forward to learning how the French will cause the release of ol' John from the US.

    Amazing how one visit from a US airman started all that. Interesting flick, Wkmac!
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    It is amazing how these people took the original situation and added so much to it. I thought the closing comments were interesting in that in some future another "Issac" will arise but this time to fight against Americans and the ideal of John Frum. A book I'm over half way through and one you might find of interest is Robert Ingersoll's "Some Mistakes of Moses" which was published in 1879'. It's now open source and I posted a link in another BC thread so at least give it a glance over. Ingersoll does a fantastic job and his humor is really good too.
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    maybe we could send klein there. He could be their new god.
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    Wouldn't work, has to be from US.
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    They might give him death by unga bunga
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    Yeah, either way he's screwed!
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    or at least their new hot dog god ((see, that's kind of funny because "god" is "dog" spelled backwardsand he is also supposedly getting a hot dog cart so the whole joke is funny on so many levels, oh never mind)
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    Jon Frum is alive!
    He posts here on Brown Cafe!
    Don't tell anyone in Tanna.