How i came to be able to forgive for ups for my termination! Part 2

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    I am now faced with going to see a specialist to try and find out what is the cause behind the extremely painful symptoms I was experiencing. However, my panel hearing to try and save my job would take place before my doctor’s appointment. Even though I was represented by union members, I felt like I was all alone in this fight. The panel consisted of my Center Manager, District Manager and a few people that I have never seen before. I tried to explain what my day was like on the day in question. I also apologized for my error and explained that I had an up coming appointment with a specialist that hopefully would shed some light on what was going on with me health wise. They proceeded to ask me questions and some had nothing to do with the incident.

    I could not believe what I was hearing because they tried to paint a picture of me that was totally un-true. I have sacrificed a lot to become a full-time driver. And as a single parent with two kids, I wasn’t going to throw my career away to gain absolutely nothing. I have always worked hard to try and satisfy my customers as well as my employer. My center manager refused to accept my apology and stated that “he didn’t want me to do it again.” It didn’t make sense for it to happen in the first place unless there was some truth in what I was trying to articulate. The line between making a keying error and something considered “dishonesty” is open to interpretation. If you are empowered to determine if a person is being “dishonest” or not, then you first must be truly honest and filled with integrity yourself.

    The Teamsters/UPS agreement is a signed contract where both parties are obligated to abide by the terms. At a PCM prior to the day of my incident, our center manager instructed all drivers to basically go against what the union contract stated so that the numbers in the center would look favorable. There was no mention in the contract of what he profoundly directed us to do. Since my center manager made up his own rules that clearly violated the contract, where does he stand as far as having “integrity?” But this was the same person who was instrumental in seeing my days end with UPS. A keying error made under the duress of a painful undiagnosed health condition, I was deemed “dishonest.” So the verdict of guilty for alleged “dishonesty” which is a cardinal sin was upheld. Now I was faced with a choice to appeal to a higher panel to try and keep my job or to fight for my health.
    I chose to fight for my health!

    One thing about me that few fellow drivers knew and my center manager DID NOT know, that I was a born again Christian. I may not be perfect, but I worked hard everyday trying to do right by God. So I had a higher standard of honesty and integrity that I tried to live by.
    Devastated again by the results of my panel hearing, I was still faced with the unknown of finding out what was the cause of so much physical anguish. I went to my appointment with a specialist for what ended up being a series of special test. One of the first test resulted in abnormalities found my abdominal area. Still, my full diagnoses had yet to be discovered. I was referred to one of the leading Gastroenterologist in the area. It took months and months of tests but I finally was diagnosed with a life altering medical condition.

    Over time, rage and bitterness towards UPS consumed me which allowed for my deteriorating health condition to be exacerbated. But now I know I had to forgive them in order for me to be set free. Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that all people including the ones who condemned Him to death could be saved. He told the truth about who He was. However, Jesus was found guilty of something that His persecutors couldn't comprehend. They couldn't understand what Jesus was telling them so they created their own conclusion that was false to justify His crucifixion. I am not comparing my situation with what Jesus went through, but I must follow how God would want me to handle this.So I am now at a place where I can forgive the panel board for not accepting my apology. And I also forgive my Center Manager who was the lead person that was determined to terminate my employment with the company.

    On top of all that I have been through, there are still two things that weigh heavy on my heart. The first thing is that I was involved with the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters program where I volunteered to mentor a 12 year boy who’s father wasn't there. We started to build a relationship but I couldn't continue because of my health condition. It was devastating to him and to me because we had a bond that was beginning to blossom.And to all of my friends at UPS that I worked with for years is the heaviest thing I carry.
    I built a lot of friendships with fellow drivers and others employees but they still do not know the real truth about what happened to me. However, with God’s plan and direction they will soon.
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    I truely wish you the best in life. Taking the time to post all this should help in your healing process.
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    I'm so sorry that you had to go through this. Human being make mistakes. Jesus died for our sins and rose again. Jesus was perfect. Ups is perfect in there eyes also. Someday these upsers and they know who they are will have to look in the eyes of Jesus and they will understand everything at this time.
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    I don't know bud...I feel bad for you but there's a couple of didn't communicate with your center...a quick message would have sufficed. The panels are a joke at times but 90% of the people I know that go to panels for reasons such as this get their jobs back because they were genuinely sorry that it happened and didn't make excuses for what happened. Not only did you still offer excuses, when they questioned you about other things that had nothing to do with the incident, it was to gauge the kind of employee and person you are. The first thing you went to was to the center managers pcm about making numbers and how his integrity was in question. Seriously...yes, Jesus went on to question his accusers. What people forget is that He was Jesus the Son of God who was in fact God and had the divine right and privilege to ask said questions because he was beyond reproach. And Jesus, you are not. In fact, to us He said don't point out the splinter in your fellow mans eye when you have a plank in yours. what you did exactly. This isn't testimony for the public striker...this is more of a stake...a fixed point in time in your PERSONAL walk with God for YOUR own benefit. With the examples you used in your story, God just isn't there for the reason you think he's there for. I hope the story changes and ends happier for you. I hope you can continue your walk with the Lord and I pray for your condition. Good luck and Happy Easter.
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    It sounds to me like this person gave up after their local level hearing?
    The Center Manager and Division Manager would not have been on the panel at the state or regional level hearings.
    They would be the charging parties and would be giving statements or testimony, not acting as judge or jury.
    Why would this person not go forward in the grievance process?
    They could have done so, all the while using the time off to seek the medical help they desired.
    This doesn't add up, unless I am missing something.
    ​I'm calling BS.
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    I was thinking the same thing Bubblehead. Some of the things don't add up or make sense to me. I understand you have the right to keep your medical issues private. You would think though that if you thought this medical issue would interfere with your duties as a package car driver then you would communicate this with your center manager.

    Could this be building up to a big April Fool's joke?
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    Just noticed Part 1 was posted in May 2012. Would have to be the biggest and longest build up to an April Fools joke ever!
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    ....or you could be the biggest jerk to hit this forum since that arrogant guy from Upstate NY....
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    Jerk? Not trying to be a jerk just thought timing was suspicious until I saw that part 1 was from last year. I seriously hope this story has a happy ending for the OP. I do believe communication is important in case like this though.
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    Man I really really respect this post. You can always change. You would still be one of the biggest characters on this forum.
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    strikerguy3000...... Your story is complex and riddled with serious psychological issues and implications. You need to take control of your life immediately, if not for yourself.....then for your two children. Everything from your BC name, your comments on Christianity, your termination, your physical illness, your position as a "Big Brother"........and finally and most important of all......YOUR LAST COMMENT; "I built a lot of friendships with fellow drivers and others employees but they still do not know the real truth about what happened to me. However, with God’s plan and direction they will soon"

    First.....YOU MUST know that UPS is NOT the ONLY job on earth......and from everything I have witnessed over the past 34+ has gotten a lot worse for EVERYONE.... I would not want to be a new driver starting out today...with all the telematics, increased weights, pressures, etc... BELIEVE ME..... GOD MAY HAVE JUST DONE YOU THE BIGGEST FAVOR IN BOTH YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN'S LIVE'S BY ENDING YOUR CAREER EARLY.

    Second, really not sure what you meant by your last comment but do NOT do anything that will harm yourself, your children, or others.. Your primary responsibility is for yourself and your two children. I'm surprised that you mention the bond between the 12 year old boy and yourself more than you talk about the relationship you have with your children. Although it is admirable to help young men by acting as a "father" figure in life.... you cannot forget about your own children...

    I wish you and your two children the best. Remember, your children need and rely on you to be strong. Consider signing up for early Social Security if you have a lifelong debilitating illness. Reach out to family, friends, and your church for help...

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    I really can't fathom why you were fired, or the fact it stuck. Major Union fail on this one. Maybe I have a really cool center manager, OCS's etc, but something like this would be completely benign. Even if I was perfectly healthy. Not calling you liar, but is there something you are leaving out? A history of missed stops, being a raging a-hole, something, anything. I have had preloaders put NDA on the end of the 6000/8000 section, meaning to place them in there proper spot, but later get busy, and put other stuff on top of them. By the time I find it, Jim's Yugo Parts warehouse is normally closed. So I sheet it as such. Without going there. No way would I get thrown under the bus for not driving there to make sure. OCS would be like "Eh yo Optimus, Jim at the Yugo Parts warehouse was bitching about not getting his shipment. You said it was closed". Yes, I did that. They close at 5. "Well, seems on that Tuesday they happened to stay open til 7". How the hell would I know that? "Good point, carry on." Plus if it was in EDD, not sure how you missed it.
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    ​That comes to mind.
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    You are a better person than I. After being called a dishonest liar, and accused of stealing time for using the rest room "excessively " due to a health condition, that I had gone to see the doctor about four days prior to being called into the center manager's office, I can not and will NEVER forgive him for the words he used to describe me and my job performance. I DO NOT NEED TO STEAL, and my parents raised me to be a honest productive person in this world. I use to love my job at UPS, but after being treated badly for the last time, I loath UPS, and its managers. The center managers & supervisors I have know all my years have ALL been dishonest, some were caught and fired and the rest remain somehow , only GOD knows why. I do not and will not trust a word that comes out of their mouths, they lie, and the phrase it takes a THEIF to think like a THEIF, defiantly applies to all in MGMT. MY union failed to help me at all with my situation and I had to spend 5K in legal fees for UPS to back off, after my attorney contacted corporate to inform them of a law suit that I would file and gladly cash in my 2000 shares of UPS stock to fight. I have since sold my stock as I can not give money to a company that feels I am a dishonest their. I no longer use UPS to ship any of my packages, and my family does the same . I use to take pride in working for UPS, now it is a means to an end.. and I pray to GOD, I live long enough to walk out the gate one day and NEVER look back. I am sorry for your situation, as it could have been me or,,,, could be me... I go to work with dread, I feel as if I am a robot, just going thru the motions.. A smile never comes across my face anymore, my customers and family have seen what this company has done to me as a person, my health, both physical and mental. I pray to GOD daily for the strength to make it another day, then another.. waiting and praying I make it to my last day at UPS.. 5 more years to go...

    My heart goes out to you. I do not know your entire situation, but UPS looks at some drivers and their day and instantly think if there is an error, we have been dishonest. The shakespeare quote " Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair", comes to mind... Too many times I have seen, and taken pictures of the "safety team"members getting drinks, food, or talking excessively on the clock to others and nothing is done. The drivers that I call chupa calceta, "suck ups", get away with stealing time for food, drink or chatting, and NOTHING is ever done. I document, with my phone.. pictures and videos (if I am on break) so if I am ever called in for using the restroom on the clock and my job is threatened again, my manager can fire me. I will use every penny I have saved (not stolen) and take all my documentation, and let my attorney go after them, along with the EEOC, and the NLRB..

    I can not imagine what you are going thru,, I know it must be very hard giving to a company, and then given NO respect.. You will prevail... If you are having second thoughts about, just think about my day, every day, in HELL. I am miserable, I am filled with hate and anger, I pray it does not kill me !!! In a way you have been blessed. I know,, easy for me as I have a job, but I am truly miserable in my own skin..

    You are right, GOD is watching and using the excuse that "it was my job" does not justify with our maker how they are dishonest and treat the workers (some) at UPS with NO respect at all. Then, and only then, will they realize the consequences of their actions........................ in eternity , in HELL.........................
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    How does the simple act of delivering boxes become so complicated?
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