How is this economy going to plan out?

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    So I just graduated college and I’m going to do everything in my power to hopefully become a driver and make a career at UPS. I know you have to earn your wings so I interviewed for a daysort position and got hired. I think they hired about 3 of us out of about 18. I was told that the general waiting list to become a driver at this hub is "about" 3 years. My question is does this poor economy possibly make that wait shorter? I'm assuming that the majority of the hubs have been doing cuts so does that mean that the people who stick it out will fare better and gain seniority faster with an up swinging economy? It seems like the demand for drivers could increase in order to fill the void of all these cuts. Any thoughts?
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    It's a union shop, so drivers on "lay-off" will be asked back before hiring new ones.

    It's not a lay-off as most other people see it.
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    those estimates are never very accurate. The amount of seniority needed to become a driver just varies too much over time. For example... I was first hired on to UPS in 2000- back then they told me it was a "solid" 7 year wait to become a driver. I loaded trailers for almost a year and then decided to quit because the wait was too long. less than a year later that "solid" 7 year wait became a 0 year wait, in fact they couldn't find enough current employees so they hired driver's off the street. Fast forward to 2006- I am rehired and told its a 2-3 year wait to become a driver, and well.... its almost been 3 years now. they now say its about a 7 year wait again. but NO WAY! I'm not falling for that one again.
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    There is no way to put an accurate estimate on how long the wait will be. There are too many variables to consider.
    What is you degree in, I sure hope it isn't business management. The weak economy will not speed up the seniority ladder. As mentioned above the laid off employees will be called back before new people are hired. When the hub hired you and two others they were probably replacing people that have quit or terminated with a final disposition. If they hired off the street before bringing back people laid off they are in violation of the contract and it can come back to bite the company in the butt. Patience is a virtue and the way to a long career with UPS. Luck does play a hand in the process sometimes also.
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    Assuming UPS follows the contract....
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    Has anyone heard that UPS bought Yellow Roadway Holland Corporation (YRC) ? I heard that at work and it's always rumor until you see it in print and the ink has dried. But now is the time for merging and acquisitions, while you can take over a company at a bargain. They are already vulnerable and no body is working there anyway. Thanks Chevy
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    That sounds almost as bad a the rumor another feeder driver told me about UPS buying FedEx ground.
    UPS already has Overnite which is the same service YRC offers, they can just take the business (what little of it there is in this economy) away from them.
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    Kudos for geting hired in such stiff competition. I wonder why anyone who just graduated from college would want this painfull, blue coller job? Plan on working 10 hr days (when you can as a cover driver) and expect it every day on your bid route. Does your spouse know that you just won't be available for them for anything? Hey you can hand your check over (which is decent, I take home 1100-1200 simoleans per week) and be too tired to give a sh#t on Saturday to do anything. If however you have a burning desire to do this job, then welcome aboard and get to know your shop steward well. Good luck amigo!!!
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    Search the forums and I know one was about how long it took people to become full-time. 7yrs for me. My wife just graduated in the healthcare field and found out that some of the hospitals in the area are laying off about 300 people. Wanna talk about a shock. Of all the fields to be in you always heard that they would always be indemand. So I guess the moral of the story is get it where you can and get as much as you can because nobody is safe........
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    I figured that would be happening... With so many lay-offs, no one has health insurance anymore, so therefor can really afford to go get treatment on "small" things. Really sad.