How long did you wait to get your appointment?

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    Hello all, I'm looking to get a job as a night shift package handler at the New Orleans hub. I completed my application over three weeks ago, And when i try to schedule an appointment I get this message "There are no more appointments available.". I called the HR to that hub and they said they are not actively recruiting at this time. Now I've heard its a long process, but I'm just wondering how long some of y'all had to wait.

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    i was working within two weeks of applying

    if you don't get hired, they're not supposed to tell you, due to liability issues, so don't bother the HR guy too much
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    Ten years
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    it took me over a month from signing my name on a paper at a job fair and making an appointment to getting hired. in the meantime i got tours of 2 different hubs, got tossed around between the two it seemed like almost daily, with each one alternating on from having openings to not having openings. your results may vary.
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    Really it all depends on the hubs and their needs. Our entire preload is down about 3 people now, so if you applied today you'd get called tomorrow. Other centers may need no one. Keep applying every month. Also, peak is just around the corner, you are almost sure to get a call back then; even though you're seasonal, if you bust your ass management may decide to keep you come new year.

    A few years ago we had one guy apply every month for 9 months before he finally got on. Now, why someone would want to join UPS that badly, I don't know. But if you are determined, you will get on.
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    It's UPS. You can realistically interview 14 people a day. IE plans 17 a day. The center manager plans 20 and blames IE if the plan fails.
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    A year and a half smh, luckily I got on just before the new contract was put into place
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    Hey I was in my fortys and friends with the HR sup ( she was my wife's boss) and and it took me two months . She did not think I would make it . I been here 15 years!!! LOL