How long should i wait?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by yo0123yo, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. yo0123yo

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    OK I had my interview last week and the lady told me the next step is that she submits the application to management and then they will call me to come in for an orientation then i'll start working the monday after the orientation, but my question is, how long does it usually take after the interview for UPS to call someone to come in for an orientation? i really want this job, its only been a week since my interview but im getting worried i wont get a call back
  2. scratch

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    Oh, you will be called back, don't worry about that. Or maybe you should! Seriously, good luck, tough job and hard work, but it is possible to make much more after you have "paid your dues". Keep a good attitude, my personal motto is " the sun comes up every morning and its a brand new day". I try to think positively.:wink:
  3. yo0123yo

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    Haha thats the thing I'm real worried, any idea about how long it takes at all after the inerview to get a call back?
  4. stealth8

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    They will not call you back if they found anything in your background check that will disqualify you from getting the job. You will not receive a "courtesy call" from HR telling you that something in your background check shot you down. They WILL tell you if you call them to ask. Good luck!
  5. yo0123yo

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    Hmm well I'm 18, just out of high school, don't think anything should've disqualified me, oh well, we'll see
  6. markten

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    Don't worry. They'll take you. In my area they take felons. We have ganglike members in our building. If they'll take them, they will take you.

    You do two have two hands and two arms, right?
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    As long as you can take 10 lashes a day without bleeding on your coworkers you should be fine.:lol:
  8. Joopster

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    They are probably getting together a bunch of names and deciding on a day to have all of you come in and get the tour and offer you the job.

    Good luck.

    BTW, if they don't call you back, consider it a blessing.
  9. yo0123yo

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    well i got a call today, but it wasn't for the interview that I went to, it was to work at O'hare Airport here in chicago, but thats about an hour and 10 minute drive one way, i don't think it will be worth the drive to go there every day almost, as most of my pay will be spent on gas, should i go ahead an schedule an orientation with these guys or wait and see if the other UPS I applied to will call me back, they are about a 20 minute drive away
  10. Joopster

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    That's up to you. What kind of job at O'hare? Ramp worker, baggage handler? Unless you have the time and are making enough money to cover the gas, it's prolly better to go with the closer job.

    I just put in an App with Southwest for a ramp job. I could do that at night after working twilight at UPS and still be able to finish up school. It would work out well too because I already work on and around airplanes in the Air National Guard.
  11. MacLeod82

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    Just don't let em know you work for UPS, it's a conflict of interest as Southwest has some puny cargo service that I think they use the extra cargo space on their passenger flights for, and they actually seem to think they're in competition with Brown. Made that mistake once applying for a job.
  12. the wait and interviews are going to be longer than the time you are going to last at UPS
  13. cassidy182

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    check back with them and see what they say
  14. Working4TheBene's

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    Hard to say exactly when they will call back... I've heard in some centers/hubs that it can take a couple months depending on how many applicants there were... And of course, the background check thing. But I wouldn't worry too much, UPS is always hiring, just slow HR...
  15. brown bear

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    If you really want the job, call the interviewr back, if you remember his or her name. Dont be surprised if they tell you, you start the following Monday. If you call them back, it will show them that you really do want the job. That's what i did 30 years ago and i am still there. o ma god!!!!!!!

    As far as the airport job tell them you want to work in the hub. The hub is always looking for new meat. :)
  16. ticktock

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    I'd give it another half-hour.