How many days do you have to cash a UPS check before it's voided?

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    Is there a time limit for cashing a check?

    Answer :
    Yes usually 6 months, but it is possible to get the check 'refreshed' by the person who signed it.
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    It's not clear whether your referring to a pay check, green check or lp check. But I had received a lp check and had thought my wife had cashed it. About 6 months later I received a letter stating that it had not been cashed with a couple of option as to why. I have direct deposit so I'm thinking it may have been thrown away since she is not used to depositing checks from ups. I choose check had been lost and later received a replacement in the mail. So it may be voided but you also could get it replaced.
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    I lost a check once forgot about it a year later i was sent a letter asking if i wanted a new check? I said yes. i was issued a new check a few days later i cashed that one. The companys up front about that. That was when i was part time
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    The part of Rocketman has been played by Leonard Nimoy.:funny:
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    According to the branch manager at a local bank, a check is only good for 6 months unless there is an expiration date / time limit printed on it. She has never heard of "refreshing" a check.

    How do you refresh a check in Canada?...Spray it with cologne?...Buy it a Coke?....Set it outside to enjoy the fresh air? Pray tell, let us know the secret.
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    I got that info from an american website, yahoo answers, or some other place like that.
    Probably just change the date and get it initialed , I would think, or get a replacement.
    Why they called it "refesh", I do not know.
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    yeah , change the date, get it initialed. I am sure the bank has the initials on file that they can check against. Maybe add a few zeroes to the amount while ur at it.

    In case someone thinks I was being serious, I was being sarcastic.
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    You know how many times, I initialed checks in the beginning of a new year, because wrote down say 2009, instead of 2010 ?
    They go thru.

    But, again, up north could be different.

    You guys just tear up checks, and rewrite new ones, with every little mistake you may make ?
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    I personally think your full of it.
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    Don't compare apples to oranges. Correcting a check that you are writing is one thing. Altering a check that you received could get you housing, steady employment and 3 square meals a day. (Can you get "BIG BABOOBA" on my vanity plates or are there too many letters?)
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    No, he's not full of it. I knew a driver who often would forget (neglect) to cash his checks. He got requests to cash his outstanding checks so that payroll could balance the books. He lived with his mom, had no expenses other than his car and drank like a fish.
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    I didn't mean it that way. You could take it back to the origin (in this case UPS) or any other person who has written that check, and let them change it.
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    I forgot to cash a check in 2003. In 2006, was contacted by the Treasurers office and paid the check in 6 weeks.
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    Throw it in the dryer with some Bounce.:knockedout:
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    Better yet, AS Bounce.