How many have gained Seniority?

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    Driving Seniority during peak? I keep hearing that you can gain seniority days while working peak?! I NEVER drove before the free period started oct 15. i did go to integrad in aug tho. Ive been driving for 2 weeks half bulk half resis. Even my On Car sup said i gain seniority but i think he was BSing me to leave him alone about gettin me on the road before free period started. Im in the South Region. All responses appreciated Thanks
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    I have seen new drivers gain seniority during peak. They started before the free period. Have also seen drivers that were worked after the free period which guaranteed them a FT driver job. UPS will do what they want to.
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    I started driving late sept. Ill have my 30 in on christmas eve. Since i started before 10/14 all days should apply.
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    You shouldn't of said that.
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    Ask your steward.
  6. I think it really depends on your building. They posted a couple bids in my center before Thanksgiving and there are a couple guys in progression right now.
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    They could be planning on giving you the ax right after peak.
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    Keep a VERY record of your days driving. When you hit your 40 let them know and see what they say. Local 705 you gain seniority even during peak.
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    I always just assumed you couldn't make seniority during the free period, however I've just reviewed the contract and it's all determined on a supplement level. My supplement only states that temporary employees can't make seniority during those months. It doesn't state that people hired for permanent slots can't make it, but it looks like they're not supposed to hire for permanent slots during the free period based on the last sentence below.

    So apparently here if you are hired as a casual driver you can't make seniority but someone who was hired as a permanent driver prior to the free period starting could make it during the free period.
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    True indeed thanks for ur response

    Goodluck bro


    Nowadays stewards will tell you one thing TODAY and something completely different the next
    But definitely going to ask. Thanks

    True after working here for 6 years i know not to put anything past them

    Thats exactly what im doing, i might get lucky n qualify on a technicality

    Thats what i was thinking. i went to integrad in august so i was suppose to start before peak but management just didnt want to train me bc it would mean working me (higher seniority on PT list) than their fav runner gunners with less seniority than me.
    Hopefully im gettin some credit for the days but if not im gettin some money and experience with big brown ,no power steering, and rough stick shift. Got me feeling like i can drive anything.
  11. I asked 1 of our OC supes this very question this morning, & she told me not only do their days count, any days they rode along as a helper count too. Hope she's right.