How many hours does a part time sup work

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by shveddy, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. shveddy

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    ok, I've heard anything from a ceiling of 27.5 and I've heard some stories of 60 hour weeks. maybe somebody could reach some king of consensus.
  2. Joopster

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    My pt sup only puts in about 20 a week, he leaves early at least once a week though...he is an exception to the rule though...
  3. disneyworld

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    I'm pretty sure they work at least 27.5.
  4. bisongolfer

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    The maximum amout of hours that they want us part-time sups to work is 5.5 hours per day, 27.5 hours per week. Anything over that and they must pay us over time, which is generally frowned upon unless approved by division level management or above. Any p/t sup who works over and between 27.51 to 40.00 hours per week will recieve premium pay at 110% for those hours. Any p/t sup who works over 40 hours will be payed at the overtime rate of 150%.
  5. Working4TheBene's

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    The business manager at my location desperately wants me to be a p/t supe but I told him that I can only work 22.5 hrs (4.5hrs/day). He agreed. But I don't necessarily believe him, so I will make sure I put all the important details in my letter of intention so that I cn get screwed later.....
  6. scratch

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    you will get screwed alright....
  7. cornholio

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    The present rule is 22-25 hours a week. Like everything at UPS, this could change in a second. Many of us worked 40+ hours a week as PT Sups.

    Also, what you put on paper (or currently the PT Supv Web Timecard Program), is sometimes very different than what you are really pressured to do. Ask any local sort PT Supv about Peak Season.
  8. trickpony1

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    You might ponder why your business manager "desperately" wants you to be a PT supe.
    He will tell you anything he thinks you're stupid enough to believe like "you will only work 22.5 hours a week".
    As soon as he gets through laughing he will use your letter of intention to wipe his :censored2:.
  9. Working4TheBene's

    Working4TheBene's New Member

    I'm sure they will give it their best... But wouldn't that be like hiring someone for gold and being paid dirt? I'm guessing that if it's in writing the can't easily get out of it, especially if it's circulated to HR and witnessed by fellow workers....hmmmm
  10. rngri4

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    As a former PT Data Oms, you are required to work 27.5 a week, nothing less, anything less is considered theft, because that is what you are paid for, regardless of what you put in PTRS. I used to work at least 50 Hours a week while part time, worked overnight as a Data Oms, and then worked the Preload as a sup, we were always short of people here, still are it seems. Anyway, you are required to work 27.5 hours a week, less will get you fired, I've seen it happen a couple times!
  11. Working4TheBene's

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    Here's my situation... My current supe is being promoted and he pretty much always let me leave at 8:30 (instead of at 9/9:15AM)... And so the business mgr really really really wanted me to take the place knowing my current schedule (having to leave at 8:30AM). Now the suck part is that they are also planning on moving this particular supe from the other belt over to my belt... but I do not get a long with that supe (nor does the rest of the guys) and I know for sure that he will not let me leave at 8:30... dilemma..hmm
  12. trickpony1

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    You seem really intent on leaving at 8:30. Do you have an early class or another job?
    Keep in mind, as you well know, that the operation is wrapping up around that time and management is in a hurry to get the drivers out so their numbers look good. This means all the loose ends need to be tied up (splits, belts walked, boxline walked, yard check etc.)
    If you go into PT management be prepared to be confronted with veiled threats such as "it's your career", which, when translated, means "you need to spend more time here to the exclusion of everything and everybody else".
    The glitter, gloss and glory of telling all your friends that you're in management may come at a high cost.
    Negotiate your ego and stay an hourly worker. There's less stress and you can leave the stress at work when you leave.
    Good Luck.
  13. Working4TheBene's

    Working4TheBene's New Member

    Yeah. It's a long story - kids, closest person we trust to baby sit about 45 inutes away - and the local baby sitting facility charges about $160 for only 3 days a week, my wife has to be at work at 9AM (and she's hourly with a 10 minute commute and I have a 20-25 minute commute), her weekly premiums for basic family medical is about $150/week (no dental, vision), and she doesn't usually get over time (except certain times of the year)etc... so yes, there are tons of factors.....

    And the time issue was never a problem before. Our center hours used to be from 4-8/8:30AM. And just about everyone on my belt was done at about 8:30. But over the last couple of months, our start time has changed to about 4:30/5AM... thereby changing our ending times. And my old supe had no problems letting me leave at 8:30AM, but again, with the other supe coming over, even temporarily, he's being a d--k about everything. The business center wants me to take over the supe job at the primary belt instead of the d--khead. And although this late start time is temporary due to lower volume during the summer (we are near several universities that ship a lot), it's suppose to go back during fall.

    And I am in no means in a rush to become mgmt, I'm trying to keep my family's best interests in mind. If I can get mgmt to assure me before I take the position, then they cannot assume anything, knowing well in advance of my time constraints... The problem is, can't trust anyone there....but got no choice but to try and work with what we've got and given..... any thoughts?
  14. Working4TheBene's

    Working4TheBene's New Member

    Update... As of monday morning 8/7/06, I submitted my letter to the business director with the fact that I will need to leave at 8:30AM daily.

    Then just like I thought, today, the business manager said that they will keep my letter of intention on file while they look for another candidate... this is why I think it is so important to keep everything in writing so that mgmt can't back peddle... Not to say that he was trying to deceive me, but perhaps he spoke to soon....
  15. TheLittleCoat

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    i only work about 20 a week
  16. Working4TheBene's

    Working4TheBene's New Member

    That's cool. What part of the country is your hub/center located? And how long after you submitted you letter of intention did you wait till taking the management assessment test? And do yo remember what questions were asked?