How The 1% Really Got That Way!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Nov 22, 2011.

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    In Restraint of Trade, The Business Campaign Against Competition 1918-1938

    And it only gets better from there!
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    I don't know where we fall in the "percentage". Whatever % we are is simply because of the good fortune of having work, The mindset of saving, not spending every penny on the latest "in" gadgets and not trying to keep up with the Jones's .(no offense, Jones)

    The formula is simple and not 8 paragraphs. Work hard, be prudent, frugal and plan for your own future.

    There's always work out there.....if you think you are too good for it, that's your problem.
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    and to think these people vote
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    You are right. I do vote. Unlike More[no offense meant more} I know that I am included in that so called evil one percent.

    1. My father legally immigrated to the U.S. from Ireland after losing all to the English Empire --the same Empire that instituted slavery in the new world. Reparations eligible ?? No just move on.
    2. Lived in the slums of the South Bronx-Apartment -no house -no car. Roman Catholic parents had six children . Father Railroad "Union" Mechanic -Mom worked as cashier
    3. Could have used very humble beginnings as a lifetime excuse.
    4. Got working papers at 14 -worked after school ,weekends and summers as delivery boy and roofer.
    5. Paid attention -worked hard in school-took out loans for College and earned a Bachelor degree in education -NYC teachers license.
    6. During 4 yrs of College worked for 2.19 an hour unloading,sorting, loading for UPS -took many double shifts while attending College full time. No car took NYC subway at night.
    7. Instead of following brother in Teaching career --Delivered packages for UPS.
    8. Drove Feeders for UPS.
    9. Local 804 God Ron C. told me not to go into Mgmt, not to put thrift plan in UPS stock, Not to "LEAVE THE SECURITY" of the union.
    10. Many so-called friends in 804 depised my move into Mgmt -I was same person they knew and liked -now I was Hated.
    11. Worked many long,long, hard years as an on car supervisor in the South Bronx -Fort Apache.
    12. Worked many long,long hard years working nights in Harlem-Manhattan North -No overtime.
    13. Moved and re-located to different States and Countries over the next 36 years as I worked extemely hard climbing the Corporate Ladder.
    14. Borrowed and invested all extra cash into UPS stock --high risk --many years of high interests rates, small homes and used cars. Wife had to get a job during high interest years.
    15. Missed many,many holidays and family events because of obligations of Management.
    16. Lived through the UPS IPO when many dreams were realized.
    17. Was always proud of and still easily can look in the mirror today of Working with Integrity and being know as a "People's Person."

    Not asking for any pats on the back nor sympathy. But I am a one percenter and I am proud of the life that I have lived. I never had a "magic" accountant and have paid way more that even the "average" UPSer to the government in taxes. I have contributed to society and continue to support numerous charities.

    I am sick and tired of President Obama telling me to pay my "Fair Share" Even in retirement My success is rewarded by the highest tax rates, the highest property taxes and the scorn of people like 804 and OWS.

    I for one truly HOPE that the President will CHANGE and do HIS FAIR SHARE.:wink2:
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    Our story sounds the same........'cept the Ireland part. Where is that 1% line?

    If it was globally, I think UPS drivers would be shocked to know they are probably in that 1%.

    You work hard, sacrifice, do well and you are penalized. I never quite understood that.
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    So, the 1% claim they are trapped and harmed by such big government programs as social security. "We can't create jobs because we're handtied by big government outcomes!"

    So that being the case if true:nono2:, then why did they work to make sure gov't created the whole mess to begin with?

    Sure get's more interesting when you start digging into interlocking corp. directors and back tracing that into gov't.

    So, you're rightly fed up with career politicians running and screwing up gov't and say it's time to let the businessmen run everything. Businessmen have been running everything but just hiding behind the career politicians as they know you won't look!
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    All the personal crap aside, you took me out of context. mac posted a well thought out article and the very first post; you guessed it; a very thoughtless reply!
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    Hey Pal,

    I have always been very civil on this cafe. Call your own life personal crap not mine.
    What I constantly hear from people like you is that the "system is rigged" or "America is Bad" " Rich are evil" --that is truly crap -your word.
  10. rod

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    The true 1%'ers got it the old fashion way------they inherited it. Very very few self made 1%'ers anymore. Maybe a few leftover .com'ers from a few years back. "Old money" is great-------wish I had some.
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    Show me where I said any of those three things. not nice to put words in others mouths.

    Again, the point is that the topic at hand (loosely defined, not to narrow down to the "dems" or Woodrow Wilson or WIB) is very relevant today as the perpetual war machine and big business continues to zap our tax money and put it into the hands of a select few elite businessmen. Whether that makes "America bad", "rich evil", or "system is rigged", and to what degree, is a matter of opinion.
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    I'll point out one for ya, not going to go back to other threads for the other two point.

    In post # 8 in response to Island's resume you posted :
    Regardless if you intended to say Island's personal post was crap or not, that IS what you said.
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    I agree with trp--Island did not have to detail his personal life to us but did so to illustrate a point, which you chose to dismiss as "personal crap". It's ironic that you gave a thoughtless reply to what you felt was a thoughtless reply.
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    Now you're lying. It's not good to lie.

    What I said was, (and I am being perfectly clear Trp, don't lie again) :

    Island, show me where I directly said (as quotes) "America is bad", "rich are evil" and "the system is rigged". those three quotes

    What Island posted is, infact, crap to me, because it revolves around money and money/social status/class is completely irrelevant to me. IMO, you can feel free to disagree.
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    WOW! do you and TOS get together on the weekends to practice your twist lessons? Where did I lie? YOU in fact did say "All the personal crap aside, you took me out of context. mac posted a well thought out article and the very first post; you guessed it; a very thoughtless reply!" , did you not?

    Until now I have not addressed the three quotes. You may not have ever said those exact words, but fellow you have said it in many other words, and you know it no need to look them up.
  16. UnsurePost

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    I said that he put words in my mouth and were not true. Three quotes.

    Then you come along and for whatever reason, and said I was denying something that I never denied saying! Yes, his story was personal crap and meaningless to me. Sorry if that offends you, him , or anyone else, but that's how I feel.

    That does not make it right for you to jump in and try to imply I denied saying something (which is lying, since I stand by my words), nor does it make it right for Island to put words and thoughts in my mouth.

    America is not all bad, the system is not entirely rigged, and the rich are not all evil. Not everything is white or black.
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    You are entitled to your feelings but did you really need to express them as you did?
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    "............... money/social status/class is completely irrelevant to me. IMO, ............"

    people who say stuff like that usually have none.....
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    Hey guys,
    Its Thanksgiving!!!! This discussion is not really worth it. Happy Thanksgiving to Sleeve, More, Wkmac,Upstate and trpinkl.:wink2: