How to find interna UPS job opportunities (eg. Colorado) when job board is down

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by pbateman, Aug 15, 2013.

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    Hey guys,
    I am a bit surprised by the lack of help i have received from HR when it comes to look for current opportunities within the company. Most other companies I know of make it easy/desirable for employees to look for opportunities within the company. I am currently looking to possibly move out of state, however when I have tried to look for opportunities inside the company I have hit a brick wall. The area in where the internal jobs are supposed to be posted is down "indefinitely" so who knows it it will ever be back up. The page suggests you ask local HR but they do not seem to have access to jobs outside this region/state. I tried calling the HR number provided in but they were no help, no idea if or when the board would be back online, and could not advise on how I could go about looking for opportunities within UPS.
    Not only that but I believe the whole policy of having to quit your current job and apply for the new one is still in place, sounds ridiculous to me but what are you gonna do..
    Any ideas on what is the best way to look for Administrative/Technical jobs within UPS? I am specifically looking for Colorado if possible.
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    I can understand your frustrations.. If you are a hourly worker we are still unable to transfer unless, it is for college (let me correct myself , that is what they say where I am.) I tried for years to transfer knowing that others had done just that (full time) . From what I was told by a sup that I could actually trust is that it depends on who you are.. It is unfortunate that it is this way. I have been there 26 years, and have personally been affected by UPS' bias. As you have experienced the brick wall at HR, and the seeming lack of information to encourage persons to apply, or advance in positions, I would truly consider if I would want to continue to work for UPS. The business has changed so much over my years at UPS, and from what I have read it is going to continue to change, with computers taking over more positions that were once held by a human.. It is showing that UPS has little to no compassion for its work force.. The harassment, threats, over supervision, intimidation ,etc.. If you are in college, stay in college.. If you have been with UPS for just a few years or less..RUN.. I understand that the driving jobs pay well, however affects it has on your body and mind are simply not worth it.. Best of luck
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    If it was easy to get hired everybody would work here. UPS is only for the elite.
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    Thanks for the replies, yes it is indeed frustrating. I am kind of in a hard spot because I just passed my 10 year anniversary with UPS so finally got to my 4 weeks vacation. If i had any less time in the company, going elsewhere would be a much easier decision. I currently work in IT, so yeah being hourly kind of screws me up, that is another thing I was told , if I was salary there's a special plan for management employees to be able to do this. Unfortunately there are no open positions in my department for specialist or any other salary open positions that I could get so that's out as well.
    Even smaller companies try to accommodate employees with getting opportunities in different locations. With UPS forcing you to quit and reapply and now not even showing you available jobs seems to be going from bad to worse..
    I am done with college so the education option is not feasible either for me... I am thinking next step is to just ask HR to try and find out HR contact in CO for example and talking to them directly..who knows..
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    Ever consider getting on LinkedIn and then searching for UPS HR contacts? Network yourself if you're not getting the information you need. Just a suggestion.