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    Just started as a preloader. My student loans company in the UK wants proof that I am employed in the form of my employment contract, but I have never been given one. Can anyone advise where I can get a copy of it today?

    I know I can probably speak to HR on Monday but I really need to try and get it today if I can.

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    Teamsterd. Org> package division> 2018-2018 contract
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    No he means a contract that says he has a job. I guess this could pass as it but tech he's under a day to day contract for the first 30 days. All they should need is a pay stub I would think.
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    He needs proof of employment.
    Do you even work in the usa?
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    That is not your employment contract, per se, at least not in the sense that a bank or place for student loans is looking for. They want to know you are employed to know that you can pay them back. Look on UPSers, there is a 1-800 number for Employment Verification that they can use to verify that you have a job. The Teamsters contract will not have your signature on it. It is between the union and UPS, has nothing specifically to do with you for proof of employment.
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    They asked for 3 months of payslips and I've only had 1 so far but I can try that as well.

    Yes I work in the USA.
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    I just responded to the title, didn't read op. :)
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    There's no work contract. Show them your paycheck.
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    UPS work ID card