What are the chances I get my job back?


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I scoured the hub and I may have seen the dried up blood stains. I tried asking people about it and they didn’t know. The forklift drivers all drive with their forks up and haul ass still. If it really did happen there people don’t pay attention and try to work fast for no reason. As a former forklift driver the guy was a :censored2: for driving with forks up and not maintaining proper awareness and the lady was a :censored2: for not being aware too.


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Maybe the OP needs to read this to realize how screwed you can get by not being careful with that equipment


Accident happened at work today. Im still processing what i saw​


I guess im using this, this right now as im typing,as a coping mechanism. Today at work a forklift driver took a wrong turn too quickly and severed a womans left leg. Her screams i cant get out. It was like an animal in pain, a zebra in the jaws of lion. Crying in agony. Many people rushed over to the loading area all while people were already surrounding the poor woman yelling to call an ambulance. Building manager told everyone to give them some space and to get something to stop the bleeding. She was still screaming. I went over out of curiosity. Her leg was on the floor next to her hip as she fallen on the ground. It wasnt severed cleanly ,a thick chunk of her skin was exposed with yellow bone marrow and fat gushing out. It was horrible. Everyone who was there in the working area was granted pay for the whole day and they could go home.
I think I saw teeth flying
Damn…gotta get up and walk it off…