How to get into TSG?

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by DainGrant, May 5, 2012.

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    I am a.preloader I have A+ Certification and a Bs. Computer Science how do I get into the TSG Department at UPS? Is it a good job? Whats the starting pay like? Is there room for advancement? All your comments will be greatly appreciated.
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    sudo get tsg
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    Talk to your local HR dept. However, my understanding is that the TSG groups in the districts have been de-skilled and a lot of the work outsourced. The 3 places they really need skilled people is New Jersey (main I.S. facility), Louisville (Airline and Automated Hub) and Atlanta (Corp. HQ.)

    Unless you work in one of those places, you might be better off getting a job with Geek Squad at Best Buy, or a local software company. My nephew works as a TSG-type for a small software firm that writes a software package that runs vetinary clinics. It's been a good gig for him. I would be looking for smaller companies with 100-200 employees that produce and support software for niches like that. Big outfits outsource a lot of stuff overseas.
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    There are probably 3 people on this board that even get that joke....
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    ...and they are all busy watching "Big Bang Theory"...
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    cat /dev/dreamGrrl > myReality
  9. DainGrant

    DainGrant New Member terminal and type sudo get-ups cash/bin/home.
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    haha .. but now make it portable across *nix shells, .bat files, powershell, and native win32 hehe.
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    I was wrong....FIVE people on this board get the joke! LOL!
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    Are you thinking of apt-get? sudo apt-get install tsg?

    Although I guess that doesn't really make sense.
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    if (! fopen("/dev/dreamJob", "r+")) {
    printf("Can\'t win them all.\n");

    Geekiness affirmed.
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    I thought for sure someone would have posted a machine language rendition of Shakespeare.

    Allow me ....

    Just kidding; my dorktasticness does not (sadly) extend that far.
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    This thread sounds like what the DBAs in BIA talk about at lunch, if they are not talking about the "Big Bang Theory". They even use the code words from the show. WEIRD!
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    I deliver to an architectural firm and I always seem to get there when they are having lunch. You would think they would be watching something related to their work while eating-----they love to watch "Family Guy" during lunch.