How UPS Aims to Save the Planet

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    How UPS Aims to Save the Planet - Motley Fool

    Saving the planet -- and the balance sheet -- one truck at a time

    To mitigate the fluctuating (but historically upward-trending) cost of fuel, and help save the world from global warming in the process, UPS is taking measures to improve its fuel efficiency and cut emissions. Last week, the company announced its latest move: the purchase of 125 "new technology hybrid electric delivery trucks" from Cincinnati-based Workhorse Group, Inc.

    The trucks, which marry a "very small internal combustion engine" to a lithium ion battery (sort of like in the Chevy Volt), combine to give each truck a 50-to-60-mile range per day. Workhorse says they're "designed specifically to meet the stop-and-start needs of UPS's urban delivery routes."