How Will UPS Compete With Amazon?

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  1. Let's assume Amazon will be extending its delivery service to customers outside of the prime membership category. Given the large number of vehicles recently ordered by Amazon, this seems plausible.

    If and when that happens, what steps can UPS take to prevent Amazon from stealing its accounts?
  2. DriverNerd

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    Amazon has a ways to go before it can handle lots of irregs and lots of air. Any customer that deals with those isn't going to be very interested in Amazon until they can handle all of their parcels...unless they give them one hell of a deal. Until then only thing UPS can do to keep customers is decrease their rates. Amazon won't offer any better service than UPS or Fedex. It's going to be all about reliability and cost.
  3. zubenelgenubi

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    Are you really that concerned about Amazon? Or did you fall in love with Alexa, and this is some fetish? Seriously, you couldn't find the answer to this question in any of your 4 other chicken-little Amazon threads?
  4. Fred's Myth

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    Jeff Bezos is actually Ernst Stavro Blofeld!

  5. Zowert

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    I can’t wait to see how paying people a dollar over minimum wage to deliver 70-150lb irregs is going to work out. I’m willing to bet Amazon will keep UPS just for that purpose, even when they’re self sufficient with under 70s and air.

    This fleet of delivery vehicles they’re building up (cheap mid-sized cargo vans) is not going to handle all the heavy furniture and household appliances they sell. Combined with their normal load of small boxes and plastic envelopes, I wonder how many 100 pound mattresses and bed frames those Nissan or Mercedes vans can hold. I don’t even think there is room for a hand truck.
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    Dumped all my UPS stock and rolled it over to Amazon.
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    They contract out delivery of heavier items as well. They aren’t in branded trucks, but if you see a random straight truck with 2 guys delivering stuff in a residential neighborhood it very well may be Amazon.
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  8. Zowert

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    I read your reply and sure enough the next day I see two dudes in Amazon shirts delivering a bunch of rugs out of a budget truck. I got a peak inside and it was filled with space heaters, mattresses and that crappy particle board furniture you assemble. They’ve been doing this for a while but I never noticed, I guess I assumed they were movers.

    At least they get to work in pairs.
  9. OrioN

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    So y is UPS still helping out Amazon???
  10. It will be fine

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    You got me. They should drop em. Who knows what type of contract they have with them though.
  11. Short term greed , long term short-sightedness
  12. moreluck

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    Just a quick question. Do the "prime" delivery drivers get safety drilled into them like UPS does?? Do they get safety training at all?
  13. PappyLand

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    Because we’re in the shipping buissness and more packages mean more money.
  14. It will be fine

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    Nope. No drug tests, no safety training, no commercial licenses, no DOT regulation compliance.
  15. Crash-n-Burn

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    Come on guys it's not that hard
  16. Does anyone think Amazon will try to buy Fedex or UPS?
  17. DriverNerd

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    No. Amazon doesn't want a union workforce so there's UPS, and Fedex ground is what they're trying to become (with contractors). Amazon would have been smart to buy Fedex years ago when it was cheaper...too expensive now and they've invested too much into their own system.
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