HR Orlando??

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    Not sure if this is the right area of the forum.

    I found this site while looking for the phone# for HR on Google.

    Does anyone have the number for HR in Orlando? Message it to me, please, I'm sure none of us would want a number posted openly online.

    Why do I want it?

    I had my Driver Helper info session on Thursday, was told I would get a call to schedule orientation/first day, and I want to make sure the background check went okay (I have a cousin w/ the same name who was a bad boy).

    I know I passed the interview because there wasn't one- at the end of the info session, the HR guy looked at my zip code and said "you'll be working out of Longwood, they're hard up for help- go home, buy black work shoes and wait for the phone call."

    Anyhow, I've been unemployed for seven months and need this job badly, Christmas is almost here, and I'm down to my last $200...
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    you have answered your own question.

    In my center, there are at least 4 routes that are getting helpers that have not started yet.