Is this normal in the hiring process at UPS?


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Remember to leave your common sense thinking in your car when you get to work. Your with UPS now, be ready to be blown away with stupidity.
Protect your reputation and the company. Work hard and keep your mouth shut and you’ll be fine. Just don’t get hurt. No one wins if you can’t come in the next day.

Welcome aboard…

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Young Chuckie doll, UPS is going to use & abuse you even worse than Satan in Hades would, and then some semi-retarded manager that has more hangups than a tranny in Burbank, will eventually take a big steaming s+!t on your face , while his butt buddies (the union steward, and the doe-eyed fa66ot BA), hold your arms.


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I applied online and got a callback the next morning and was asked to come in that day for the interview. They did a background check and that was it. She looked down at my feet and I was wearing boots and she asked me if I wanted to start today. I said yes and was paired up with a guy and started unloading a trailer. I think this all got real messy when they outsourced HR and hiring. Come peak they make the morning office workers handle the PVDs and helpers. It’s all a mess.
Yep, it happens every year around this time when they re-invent the wheel once again. Of course they will forget the lug nuts or not tighten on all the way so things will be a little "wobbly" for a while but then the wheel will fall completely off and everyone will stop and stare at it and wonder what to do. Welcome to another Peak Season at UPS.