Hub worked from 8am-5pm on Sunday and only had one 10 min break

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BruisedLegs, Dec 3, 2010.

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    is this even legal? Hope it's not like this again this Sunday.
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    Depends on your supplement and state laws. Some states have any time worked over 6 hours you get a 30 min unpaid break. The contract supplement here states you get a 10 minute break between 2nd and 3rd hours. I personally would tell your sup/mgr that you are taking a break between 5th and 6th hours. If they decline, tell them you decline over 5 hours and you're leaving and also that you will bring this matter up the ladder, within your states labor laws.

    Make sure you bring this to the attn of a steward to CYOA, prior to making any declarations and decisions. I'm pretty sure the bullies will cave in, as the operations management are well aware of any labor issues this might cause.
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    no, it isn't legal. Just ask the Dept of Labor. Find your steward and file a grievance. If that isn't a viable option(retaliation), call the Dept of Labor and file a complaint. you are entitled to a 30 min lunch, besides your contractual 10 min break. Typical peak behavior. They will do it as long as they get away with it.
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    You can't walk out. They will fire you for leaving your post. The contract calls for a lunch for any 8 hr shift. But, you must use the grievance procedure.
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    Work as directed then grieve.
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    Show me what Article says that? Maybe in your supplement.

    I don't believe a P/T employee is forced to work over 5 hours, either. Either way, you obviouslyi cannot just leave without notifying management, that is job abandonment. I would simply notify a steward like I said in the previous post and that would be a poor mans strike, but effective.
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    Federal law does not require lunch or coffee breaks. The laws vary by state and not all states require a lunch break be taken.

    Here's the list of lunch break laws by state: