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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Sick, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Sick

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    Hi. I applied at ups and went to my second interview about 2 weeks ago. The lady doing the interview said that once they get my background info papers they'll call me back, I even did the second part of questions/forms on the UPS Career website. I got a copy of those papers like 5 days ago, and I'd like to call knowing the status of my application.

    Is there like a number I can call them at? I've been looking all over the place but can't find it, is there a website I can look it up at? I've been looking all over but can't find it. Specifically I'm looking for the Ontario air hub in California.
  2. Dfigtree

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    Send a UPS Next Day Envelope with your concerns and address it to the CENTER MANAGER, UPS AIR HUB, ONTARIO, CA. Or, assuming that you are in LA somewhere, you can drive toward Ontario but don't stop. Just keeping going over the pass and continue on to LAS VEGAS where there are plenty of UPS customer service rep openings and better jobs than that, too.
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    Did you try going to the center you want to work at to see if there are job openings? Taking applications and hiring are two different things... Try
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    go back and talk to the lady that interviewed you
    bug the crap out of her ...nicely
  5. Sick

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    Thanks guys, I contacted her yesterday. She said theres a 2 month waiting list though :( . I'll see what happens with that... I really want to get into ups because the college benefits are great.
  6. LKLND3380

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    Two month waiting list?? At my center that may equal 220 people ahead of you... Seems that most new hires don't last their first day and often never come back from break... Some disappear the first two hours when they use the restroom...
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    Call HR back and let them know you would be interested in any UPS facility that has openings, that would be within your school and travel times.