I Am Legend, A Christian Film?


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OK, I've not seen the film myself but after reading the above I'll hit the local video store this weekend to check it out. I post this with respect to previous discussions here about prayer and Christian expression in the public space.

Also wondering if anyone else here has seen the movie and either came away thinking the same or having read the above piece now percieves a POV of the movie missed?


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I don't know, that sounds like a huge stretch. I had been looking forward to this film because I really liked the previous Omega Man with Charleton Heston, but it got such bad reviews that I decided to wait and check it out on netflix (haven't got it yet). This is the first I've heard about it being a christian movie. Must be April 1st.....

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I really liked I Am Legend. Enough to buy the DVD when it came out. I like the alternate ending better (I won't give any details and spoil it for those of you that haven't seen it) but I think the ending that Omega Man had would have been better. Either way.....I don't believe the movie is a Christian film at all. There isn't really anything about the film that made me even think about religion. God is mentioned but as to which god (of which religion) they are talking about isn't clear.


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Well I watched the movie myself and at best the Christian angle was very subtle and that's giving it a bit. Had I not read the op-ed and been looking for it I doubt I would have picked up on it at all at least in the suggestive context considered by the op-ed.

OK movie and worth consideration of thought since we live in a world of technology where even by accident we could cause great harm to ourselves. One could come away thinking that to take on certain duties of Godlike powers, the elimination of cancer for example, that we don't in the course of create something far worse!