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    The Open Door Policy at UPS provides an opportunity for employees to raise workplace issues and concerns and have them resolved informally. One of our company's greatest strengths is the development of professional relationships among all employees, regardless of authority or level of responsibility. The Open Door Policy at UPS provides an opportunity for employees to raise workplace issues and concerns and have them resolved informally. Key Messages * The policy is designed to ensure that your concerns receive prompt attention. * By addressing concerns via the Open Door Process, you will build trust, enhance relationships, and get resolution much quicker than some other dispute resolution processes. * The Open Door Policy s initiated by contacting any supervisor, manager, or Human Resources (H.R.) representative. You may make contact verbally or in writing, and you may identify yourself or remain anonymous. * When given the opportunity, your supervisor, manager, or H.R. representative will listen with an open mind and will be attentive to your concerns. * The company will not retaliate against any employee in any way for using the Open Door Policy. Conclusion Whenever possible, you should try to resolve any work-related issues with your supervisor or manager. If you cannot resolve it at that level, you are encouraged to talk with management in your department, operation, work group, Human Resources or any other management person with whom you feel comfortable discussing workplace issues.
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    Hahahahahahahaha! I have a case going to panel today! Employee called the 800 number with a complaint and was terminated several weeks later!
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    Gotta love that open door policy Red. If not for the company you would have to be steward. LOL:wink2:
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    NO thats impossible !!:wink2:
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    If not for the company you would not have to be a steward. Oooops.
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    WOW...That's a hell of a coincidence.:surprised:
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    Yup, why in the world would you assume he was fired BECAUSE of the call???!!!!
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    I just spit coffee all over my PC. Please move this to the JOKE section.
    Oh wait, I could do that.
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    Shouldn't you be at work young lady?
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    Yes, I should.
    No Im not, I needed a break for my soul. (Im hourly, I still have one:greedy:)
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    funny stuff !!!
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    amazing, i was told many years ago that an open door policy was fine if you wanted to be on there hit list.
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    good thing we have a sitting arbitrator at our panels and they will get her job back:happy-very:
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    if they deserve their job back
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    usually here in 705 they fire you because they dont like you. maybe 1/10 of any firings are legit here. *** ***** the northern ******** district manager is a total **** that should be taken out.
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    He's not the only one, I could add a few to that list.
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    You know this was something Jim Casey put in place. It had to be. The Open Door Policy was known when I started there and Casey retired eight years later. Like many ideas he initiated, look what's fallen by the wayside. Remember TLA's?

    But use the Open Door Policy today and see how far you get. It boils
    down to the fact that if you go above your bosses head and have a chat with his boss, this renders your boss incapable. And few want that tag hanging around their neck.

    Maybe once upon a time there were no employee retaliations under Jim's watch, but how things have changed...

    I used it twice, once when the Family Leave Act was denied to a co worker, who bought what she was told (that there's a special clause in the Act that doesn't apply to UPS employees) swear to God, and again when one of our managers specialized in making my co workers cry
    and went so far as to pull them out of bathroom stalls because she hadn't given them permission to go. The problems were taken care of, but being black listed ain't pretty.
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    Good one


    We had some problems with a sup in our building a while back. Several employees made similar complaints. The managements response was to laugh and to state they knew already not to take anything this sup said to serious and we shouldn't worry about it. This was in regards to making a hostile work environment.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Management made a stupid response. This doesn't give the sup free reign to make disparaging comments to anyone. A day doesn't go by without sups making sexual comments or even racial comments thinking the person he's talking to will just laugh along with and agree with him.

    Some sups in our building are some soulless ***.
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