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  1. Okay so we're really understaffed on the belt I work on and we have these three Tennessee loads that constantly back up all the time so one of the bosses that runs the outbound goes up to the bottom pick and demands that he puts the bar in and loads when the flow isn't super heavy. I've been working on this belt for 5 years and this has never happened before. Anyways, this pickoff was :censored2:. He ended up doing it but he was not a happy camper. After a while one of the part time sups I think felt a little bad for him and told him that he thought there was a rule in the handbook that stated you do not have to load while you're picking off. He wasn't completely sure but I thought I'd see if anyone knows about this rule here and where would I find it in the handbook if it is indeed a rule?
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    You have to work as directed. The same thing applies when a supervisor tells a weak side pick-off on the HVD to pull hardware and clean up the belt when the flow is light. That being said, the strong side pick-off has no obligation to work any harder and should always cut off the belt when he needs to when he's by himself..

    When you say "put the bar in", do you mean put in one of the manual diverters?
  3. Yep the big metal bar. I don't like it either because when he gets done loading I get a big cluster of packages all riding down to me at once and they jam and fall off the rollers.. It just sucks.
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    Sounds like the pickoff person is lazy and doesn't want to sweat.
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    I pickoff at the Mesquite hub and all the pickoffs never come down. It's peak flow all year round.

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    He's talking about a load bar. We use them in trailers when we don't have a retainer strap handy.

    He's a pickoff, he makes more money than anyone on that belt and this is the first time he's had to load since becoming a pickoff, he can deal. My pickoffs are always eager to help because it means they get to stay late and collect OT. I highly doubt there's a rule that says pickoffs can't load. I see it all the time. What do your pickoffs do at down time? Stand around while everyone else finishes up?
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    I think he's referring to a manual diverter, otherwise there would be no other way an LVD pick-off could come down and load while the flow lets up; there's always some volume that's going to come down to the trucks on the bottom end of the PD.

    Otherwise, I have to agree. A pickoff can't "refuse to load" and the same goes for anyone else in a preferred job that might be bumped out of their area via layoff.
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    Yeah, they can pull a pickoff to go do anything else they want. When I worked inside I worked high volume, low volume, with another person and by myself. On one belt the volume died at a certain time of night and they'd have me put a makeshift metal bar across the belt while I did other things and the packages would pile up.
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    makeshift? I thought the metal bars with the pin on one end was standard? Lol