I have a serious question about a fellow worker

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    I have a problem ,we have a real piece of crap that works with us . I will try to make a long story short.This person went and had a surgery thatwas optional ,this person has been off since after December.He is collecting disability and has beenworking another job.One of the supervisors told me he saw him working and our shift manager did nothing about it .I am by no means a rat and not looking to get anyone in trouble ,but this piece of crap tried to break into my house and I have a wife and 3 kids (all small children). I would like nopthing more than to put this guy through a wall but this person is a punk.I have asked around for a Hr phone number or someone that I can report him to but I have gotten nothing.Can anyone be of help here .Oh yea this person (though I cannot definetly prove it ) stole over 4000.00 worht of tools from my truck .I work the preload shift and have my own buisness .Even though my insurance will cover most of my tools that is not the point .can anyone help me out Thanks Bigpack
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    If hes collecting disability and its of similar work (labor to labor not labor to like a desk job) its fraud contact the health insurance company, hr.
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    This person is cutting grass and weed eating .this person had surgery on their wrist and claims they cannot pick up a package,but can pick up a weed eater and lawnmower.How would you contact the health insurance company ? Do you know where I could get a phone number ?
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    I'm definitely no expert on this, but whoever is paying for the injury disability is who you would need to contact. Best bet is to contact UPS hr and ask about disability and contact whoever they suggest. It would seem anyway.
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    Sleeve that is the problem I can't get a number for hr,mind you this person is buddy buddy with our shift supervisor.
  6. UnsurePost

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    Why do you need a number? Goto the local hr office and talk directly? Or Ask a steward? shift manager? There must be something.
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    Call the 'dishonesty' line? It's not just for theft, or I don't think so since they say 'dishonesty' line and not 'theft' line. Also if you got your insurance company (ours is manulife in canada) on your route try to find the person that investigates fraud and whisper the little tidbit in their ear.
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    I highlighted this,
    but this piece of crap tried to break into my house and I have a wife and 3 kids (all small children))
    for a definite reason.
    The least problem this person would have is me ratting him out.

    His actions goes beyond tools stolen,or job related BS.
    I can not post how I would exterminate the rodent infestation trying to invade my home.

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    How do u know he broke into ur house,why didnt u call the police?

    i call BS
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    Didn't say they broke in, said they possibly TRIED to. Try reading, it helps.
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    I did read *, you said
    "this piece of crap tried to break into my house "

    tried,not possibly tried.There is a difference.

    So someone tries to break into ur house,you know who it is,but since they were unsuccessful,its ok?That makes no sense.
    Next time someone TRIES to break into your house,try calling the police instead of making a thread in a UPS forum.
    Next time think through your lies before posting a BS thread.
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    If your center is anything like my center, UPS doesn't give a hoot about anyone that is on disability and what they are doing. As long as they are not on Workers Comp. Why does this guy have it in for you?
  13. drewed

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    Trying gets away with a couple grand in tools? wish everyone would try that much in what they do, whatever it maybe
  14. UnsurePost

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    lol ok he said they "might" have broken into the truck or taken the tools from the truck. they definitly tried breaking into the house. (according to the OP)

    If this were the case, you would have theft /breaking and entering (attempted) and tresspassing etc charges against them. So I agree, sounds like a BS story, unless the thread author only "suspects" the person tried to break in as well as suspect of stolen tools.

    no one is that passive, with 3 children and a wife at home, to let something like that go if you KNEW they tried to break in and did not report something.

    the whole story would be nice:biting:
  15. drewed

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    hmmm sounds like someone needs to check into the local castle laws....
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    Someone just TRIED breaking into my house,i know who he is to,instead of going to the police,lemme go make a thread about it!


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    Get your wife to learn how to defend herself when you aren't there. Check into local firearm classes around town.
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    Liberty Mutual? US Aetna? Blue Cross/Blue Shield?

    What UPS health insurance do you/your local have? You could start there.

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    I have a friend of mine who does workers comp/insurance fraud investigations. He is an independent contractor who works on a commission basis for the state and the insurance companies and, unfortunately, he is quite busy. He has told me of cases where he has caught people with back injuries repairing their roof, people with neck and shoulder injuries playing softball, etc. Insurance fraud is a major problem.

    As far as the tools and the "break in", your passive reaction leads me to believe that you are simply embellishing your story.