I love Dish Network!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Harley Rider, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Harley Rider

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    I was curious if Dish Network call tags are a nationwide disaster or if the rural South is the only area getting bombarded. Cable TV is not readily available in all areas here so a major part of the population relies on satellite TV. First you get an empty box to deliver to the customer. Then the next day you get another empty box to deliver. Is this UPS not being able to keep same day pkgs. together or does Dish send them out two days in a row? This would not even be a problem if the customers didn't live out in BFE on a 5 mile dead head dirt road. Then about 10 to 14 days later, here comes the call tag.

    A big portion of the people have already moved by the time you even deliver the boxes much less try to attempt the call tag. The rest simply ignore you by not coming to the door (reminds me of being the repo man)or ignoring the pick-up notice. I would venture to guess that I have actually only picked up between 5 to 10% of these packages on a call tag.

    What do these people hope to gain by keeping the receivers? When Dish Network turns off the signal, what good are they? The biggest percentage of these customers are impoverished families that just can't afford the bill from what I can tell. Although a few are just quitting one company and going to another or moving to another city. Those are the ones that either take them to a UPS store or have them ready for you to pick up.

    Whats your take on this? Seems like a money loser for UPS by the time I make 3 trips trying to make a p/u out in the boonies. Is this a nationwide problem or are we just lucky down here? We get bombarded every day. The call tag sheet is like 75% Dish Network.
  2. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Dish sucks as a service. Based on the amount of call tags we get for them I'd say that is a fair assessment. My wife and I had it for a while back in 2004. HATED IT! Around here the call tags for Dish end up being cancelled about 90% of the time. And it usually takes two or three attempts just to have the customer say they've already dropped the dish or reciever off at the UPS Store. The other 10% are usually not ready yet or end up giving you more boxes then their are call tags for. My favorite is when they hand me boxes that already have labels on them and they aren't even addressed to the same state as on the call tags.
  3. DorkHead

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    I believe we still are getting paid on the call tags even if they are refused or they already brought them to a ups store. Just like a pkg, we upheld are part of the contract even if they don`t have it or refuse it.
  4. upsgrunt

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    Here is my take on the Dish Net crisis. First of all, when you deliver the empty boxes, did you know that there are ARS labels inside? Why send the call tag 10 days later? Let the consignee find a UPS person at their convenience. I also believe that Dish Net uses UPS as a collection service- meaning that when someone gets behind on their bill they ship out the empty boxes to "scare" the customer into bringing their account current. When they get the empty box with a letter that says "UPS will come by to pick up your crap", it could be intimidating. The best part of Dish Net is not worrying about Driver releasing the empty boxes- would love to see a follow up on those!
  5. I'll be honest. Over 95% of my dish network call tags are useless. Either no one answers or they were already dropped somewhere else. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a scare tactic for freeloaders to pay. To make us go back to houses that already had ARS labels in the empty boxes is stupid. I don't even stop. I just scan the tags for 3 consecutive days and rip 'em up.
  6. govols019

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    I DR'd two of them Thursday only to have to go pick them back 'em back up on Friday because the customer wanted to RTS them. Oh, it :censored2: me off to have to go back for two empty boxes. Took everything I had not jump up and down on them.
  7. maybrown

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    I delivered an empty box to a customer 2 or 3 months ago. Last week, a mailman notified me that the box was still there. I came to pick up just to find out the house has a new owner!
  8. downtown

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    I had a call tag for one the other day. Made the first attempt ni1, go back on day 2. There sits the empty box I had del. a month ago unopened. I picked it up and with a big ole grin and thought I love the dish network enjoy getting you pain in the :censored2: box back.
  9. Just Lurking

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    Our local telephone company is rolling out iptv over the phone lines. They are pricing local/long distance, high speed internet and TV service for $89.95. People are dropping Dish/DirecTv/Mediacom (one of local cable companies) like crazy. Its not unusual for me to have 2-3 boxes for 3-5 ressies each day for the past month. At least DirecTv uses FedEX Ground.
  10. Harley Rider

    Harley Rider 30 yrs & counting

    I've delivered a few Direct TV packages. When people change over to Direct TV they send them a DVD player as a gift. I have had several of those but thats about it. Dish network also keeps me buys delivering new remotes. People must be eating those things as many as I deliver in a weeks time.
  11. Just Lurking

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    That is fulfillment company that is shipping for DirecTv. I am a DirecTv customer and have asked them to ship UPS and they refuse even as a customer request.
  12. Harry Manback

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    HAHA!! You slapped a call tag on an empty box? Awesome. I friggin hate 'em. When I get the empty boxes, I'm always hoping the consignee has already moved so I can RTS without worrying the RS3s soon to follow. Or, if I catch the customer I'll ask if they want to refuse.
  13. j4ck4zz

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    Something unusual that I have noticed about the empty Dish boxes is that they always arrive in my package car without being crushed or having a big footprint on them. They are always in perfect condition! how is this possible?:confused:1
  14. Harley Rider

    Harley Rider 30 yrs & counting

    Now thats some funny stuff right there.......... don't care who ya are. Your right though. Dish boxes are usually perfect. Maybe its because they are a new carton instead of a worn out box that has been used 10 times. Plus the fact that we usually get ours in a one day time period instead of it having to cross several state lines.
  15. faded jeans

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    And when he says moved he means moved! You pull up and the only thing left is a bare spot of ground in the weeds where the trailer once stood. Oh yea, they usually leave the 55 gal. drum that the dog sleeps in, but they can always get another one from their brother in law. He works part time at Redneck Supply. He' s a real go-getter; every afternoon at four he goes to the mill and gets his wife.
  16. CFLBrown

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    I've yet to see a claim for a Dish Network box, however I really wish they wouldn't have such huge lettering on the side. Sometimes they are hard to hide and the stupid 'DISH NETWORK' sticks out like a sore thumb. Anyway they are all DR. I don't care where you live.
  17. longlunchguy

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    I never thought of slapping the call tag on the "empty box that's stil lwhere I driver released it last week:thumbup1: " Now I can't wait to get the next direct tv box and call tag... thanks guys... I will deliver them from now on with anticipation and a smile:cool:
  18. Fishbulb

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    Are people actually ordering these things or is Dish Net just mass mailing them out to desperately attempt to drum up new customers? I get tons of those things everyday, Verizon modems too. I find it hard to believe that they're that popular & I've delivered a lot of them where the customers look at me like "Umm....what is this? I didnt order it"
  19. Captain America

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    I also am on a rural route with a lot of Dish stuff. I see all that stuff as work , helping keep me busy. Yes if I didn't have Dish tags I probaly wouldn't have any RS tags, but why get exited about it work is work just do the job. This wasting time on 3 attempts and canceled tags needs to get handled at a higher level until then I do what I am paid to do.:yinyang::yes::clown::wheelchai
  20. Ms Spoken

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    Don't you just love it when the customer hands you the whole unit instead of putting it in the box to begin with. Or they say hold on I need to disconnect it from the TV and this is the third attempt to pick it up. :w00t: