COD check must have blown out of truck


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How was it you had the customers telephone number ?


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When I first started driving I had to collect a cod for close to 2k dollars. Dude wrote the check everything looked good when I glanced.

Turns out the “pay to” company name was off enough that the bank wouldn’t cash it. Personally went to his office, told him the situation and told him I need a check. He said it was the wrong part and he’s not gonna write a new check. I told him he has the item, I need a check. He refused and told me I wasn’t getting :censored2: from him.

I was getting agitated af, he told me to get out of his office.

Since I was a swing driver, I knew the apartment complex he lived in. A few weeks later while delivering to his comlex, I walked by his car, and I keyed the :censored2: out of his car walking to the apartment and walking to back to the truck with the good old package car keys.

I am totally against messing with a man’s property, but I could not fight him like a man and keep my job, so I did what I did and it felt great. :censored2: that guy.

What’s even better is he started running a biz in an offfice on my bid route years later. I rts’ed all his cod’s for weeks. He called to complain, I told oms the checks looked fake and I’m not going to accept them. He ended up leaving his office after a few weeks. :censored2: that guy. If was almost worth the 65 bucks a week they deducted to :censored2: up his mustang, and cost him tons of business.
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