I need help getting onto UPSERS.com!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by UPSNoob, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. UPSNoob

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    New to UPS... finished training and got my employee number... I think it was 3 am when they told us what the password or the first time was...

    and when I have gotten to work subsequent days.. too busy/tired/hard to find trainer to get the password..

    a fellow noob said it was your first two letters of last name, social security last four numbers and then the last two numbers from your birthday year...

    I have tried and tried variances of this but keep getting logged out.... I really would like to get on! Today if possible.... HELP!:taz: Thanks....

    Oh, and....

    ...Happy Thanksgiving :thumbup1:
  2. Dude,

    its the first two letters of your last name, last 2 digits of year you were born, (1974 - you would choose 74) and the last two digits of your emplyee id.

    If youe name was John Smith, born in 1974 and your emplyee id was 0467876

    your password would be sm7476
  3. UPSNoob

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    got it.. and saw my first pay stub :w00t:
  4. onewing

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    I went in and changed my password through the system
  5. hoser

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    stop starting these f'n threads. if you're too stupid to click on 'login help' on the UPSERS.com front page, you're definately too stupid to a search on this forum, and you don't deserve to have the portal privileges.
  6. Keepingthemhonest

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    noobs make the world go round =)
  7. hoser

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    no, they slow this world down, andersen cooper :tongue_sm

    but yet again, who would work overtime so i don't have to? :wink:
  8. UPSNoob

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    why do you have to be such a** wipe. I actually have worked on a high level in offices for while and am very proficient on a computer. The sup told me something completely different and I eventually did read the help and it was specific. It's a *t just for benefits with hours that bite and apparently bitter UPSERS all around. Trying to make the best of bad times and maybe you ought to not say anythign nice if you say anythign at all. I came on this site for information and support from fellow UPSERS - you dont have to act so high and mighty. shoot, I might as well go back to corporate america and wear suits again - apparently it's no better working harder for a living.

    I dont work overtime at all cause I just do it for the benefits.. I had never worked for such low wages and the extra $5 isnt worth it.. maybe none of this is. I dont nor have I ever looked down on laborers which is why I thought Id give it a try, you guys make it apparent that is is more normal to be a jerk to anyone you think you are superior to.. and that is plain wrong.
  9. hoser

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    If you thought first, you'd realise that my gripes are not to middle america, but your unwillingness to search for information before asking. Going to the UPSERS.com spash page and clicking 'login help' would have gotten you all the information that you needed. If the website was down, you could have done a search on the forum and seen the other 10 threads initiated about how to logon to upsers.com. It's nothing personal, anyone who does this is going to get flamed.
  10. voodoolord

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    Ya but honestly Hoser you dont have to be such an ass bag to someone just asking for help, regardless of their search shortcomings. you didnt even need to post, I mean why waste your time with a lowly nooby asking a simple question? Im sure your time is better spent in deep thought on the more intricate nuances of UPS exsistence. Or maybe your just a troll at heart and like to give people a hard time. Sad.
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    Its morons like this that make my job at the TSC a ******* NIGHTMARE !!!!

    Read The ******* Manual

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    Hi my name is Nathaniel S Martin Jr and I been with UPS for over 32 yr its a good co to work for if you can take it and tha people that work for them