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    OK so last week my center had the best numbers they ever seen for the local sort. we were doing the work with only 6 people because 2 were on vacation and 1 couldn't make it in. now they have raised the numbers we have to meet up but now they want it done with less people. my sup told us today that the center manager ones to lay off or send someone to preload. It is between me and another person. now i'am wondering since i do have more seniority and my one year will be in a few weeks will i still have to leave because my sup keeps telling me that they have to keep the other guy because he is the designated responder but i have more seniority. I'm just curious when does seniority count?

    also our union rep said he would probably file a grev against the center manager because they want to lay off someone even though we did not have everyone working.
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    Seniority rules. Period. It would be convenient for the center manager to send you to preload. Then, he wouldn't have to train someone else to be a D.R. That would cost money. Make sure your BA is willing to go the distance for you and, if he is, let him handle it. If the union has email, correspond with him that way so you have a paper trail. You have to watch out for yourself, even with the union.
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    alright so no matter how many times they say he's the d.r so he has to stay i should keep bringing up my seniorty?
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    Yep. Seniority, seniority, seniority. And don't let them bully you into going to another shift.
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    Good to see you posting, Helen. Stay awhile.